A Stand Against Swearing

Exhibit A: Foul Mouthed Hooligan

Though physical altercations are far from glamorous, I couldn’t help but feel a little Hip-Hip-Hooray when I heard about the woman and man who confronted a foul-mouthed hooligan about his language in the stands of the U.S. Open this week. The hooligan’s response was to step up his vulgarity.

In short, a deserved beat-down of said foul-mouthed hooligan ensued.

If you have been out and about for longer than a decade, you may have noticed that there has been an increase in this kind of behavior–usually young men (but more and more, girls) who swear in public. And not just a word or two, but long, loud belligerent monologues of filth-flying-filth speak that destroy the dignity of any environment.

When confronted, today’s response is not that of the past–a quick and sincere apology–but a step-up in the belligerence and filth talk.

I suspect the rise of such behavior has everything to do with the fact that it is allowed to exist. Unchecked and unabated, it is flourishing and becoming more and more the norm. Those who hate it but tolerate it–or confront it–are decent people who are offended but hate to make a scene.

The hooligans know this–hence their “make me” response when told to stop.

This behavior, if confronted like this–boldly and often and backed up by the rest of the crowd–will result in bratty, weak louts like this to shrink, check their conduct. Or, at least, revert us back to the not-distant past, when being told to stop resulted in a swift halt and an apology.

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