Constance Dunn is an on-air host & correspondent, a writer and a topic expert focused on all aspects of verbal and nonverbal communication, including style, speech, relationships and manner. Her expertise and experience is broad: She has interviewed surfers and architects, chefs, composers, designers, entrepreneurs and more.

She is regularly quoted in the media and is currently host of DIGStv, as well as co-host and co-creator of the show ‘Dating, Mating, Communicating‘ on Black Hollywood Live.

She is also a published author, researcher and a branding/communications instructor at University of California Extension. She has a BA in Radio, TV, Film from Temple University and a MA in Communication Management from the Annenberg School at University of Southern California.

Her presentation handbook, Practical Glamour, is called “a handy, relatable resource for women everywhere who want to look and feel their best.” A second book, The Best of Everything, is due out this year.


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