Never Shave Against the Grain: Q&A with Victor Macias, Founder of Male Standard


There is such a need among guys for practical male grooming and presentation advice, so when I heard about the online men’s magazine Male Standard I got in touch with Victor Macias, its founder, to talk….


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Constance: What was the personal spark that made you realize that Male Standard had to happen?

Victor Macias: Male Standard actually started while I was in college. I was passionate about business, but I also loved fashion and style. I tend to be an over dresser.

One day, I was searching online, trying to come up with a business idea. I decided to read some male discussion forums. What I saw really surprised me. Guys were asking questions about grooming. These were taboo-type questions that they wouldn’t dare ask each other face to face or to a woman.

They were asking questions like:

– Do women prefer men who are “fully” trimmed?
– Does this hairstyle look good on me?
– What skin care products do you use?

At that point, I decided to tackle these taboo topics in an edgy and humorous way. with the launch of Male Standard. As time passed, our website grew and we continued to expand. The underlying theme of all of our advice is to help men Aspire to Greatness.


Victor Macias, Founder of Male Standard

Victor Macias, Founder of Male Standard


Constance: Grooming is such a crucial pillar of a guy’s presentation. A man can wear a potato sack, but as long as his grooming is impeccable, he’s in good shape. A man can wear an exquisite suit, on the other hand, perfectly cut to his frame, but if his grooming is poor the whole effect is lost.

What is one of your most reliable, time-tested grooming rituals…and where did you learn it?


Victor Macias: My most reliable, time-testers grooming ritual is to always shave with the grain. Never, ever, shave against the grain. Doing so causes all sorts of issues like: acne, shave bumps and irritation.

I learned this tip from a master barber who sat me down and showed me the right way to shave.


grooming tips for guys

Guys, excellent grooming will get you everywhere…


Constance: Your favorite grooming product right now is…

Victor Macias: My favorite product hands-down is the Gillette Proglide Styler. It’s super compact, portable and very affordable. It also trims very well. It’s comparable to many high-end trimmers I’ve tried and is 1/3 the price.


Gillette Proglide Slider

Gillette Proglide Slider: Comparable to a high-end trimmer, costs about $20


Constance: What man, living or not, embodies the concept of the Gentleman the most?

Victor Macias: George Clooney embodies the concept of ‘gentleman’ to me the most. He’s classic, but always has a modern twist to his style. I also think that his personality embodies this concept. He’s suave but also likes to play practical jokes and have a good time. He doesn’t pretend to be something he’s not.


The Gentleman





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