An Elegant Alternative To The Scrunchie

A scrunchie is a hideous thing indeed; yet, like many other hideous things, the scrunchie is both easy to acquire and highly useful (sometimes vital, such as during face-washing or jogging). Let it be known, however, that there are emerging hair fasteners that rival the ease of the scrunchie, surpass it’s ability to manage your hair, and look civilized.

This new class of hair fasteners appear to be made of highly bendable metal and can utterly lock in a massive updo or just a section of hair, barrette-style, with a few moves of the hand. These fasteners are sized based on the mass of hair to be dealt with. (Jumbo-haired women looking to secure buns should get the largest size available.)

I purchased a few of these (this particular brand was called Flexi-8) at a mobbed booth at a street fair in South Florida. Verdict: Incredibly useful for holding in hair (particularly if you have a lot of it), very durable, and can be found in several fairly elegant, low-key designs. Under $20.

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