Practical Glamour book, Constance Dunn, 9780978761028Practical Glamour: Presenting Your Most Beautiful & Polished Self To The World
By Constance Dunn

Format: Paperback, 254 pages
ISBN: 978-0978761028
Price: $14.95



“A handy, relatable resource for women everywhere who want to look and feel their best.”

Your mindset—not your budget—is the key to lifting your look to its maximum level. And your appearance is a package deal, which includes looks and attire alongside movement, style and spirit. No matter how perfectly pulled together and lovely you may look, without proper poise and attitude, no presentation can be complete.

The essentials and the lesser-known ins and outs of presenting your most beautiful, polished and authentic self to the world.

With Practical Glamour learn to:


“It doesn’t take hours to make yourself presentable to the world. “Practical Glamour: Presenting Your Most Beautiful & Polished Self to the World” is a grooming advisory guide from Constance Dunn. A focus on the everyday appearance, Dunn gives tips on everything from nailcare, to a good wardrobe and the all important hair. For those who want to look like a star everyday, “Practical Glamour” is very much recommended reading.”

Midwest Book Review

“Constance Dunn knows what she’s talking about when it comes to glamour. In this book you will find everything you need to know about how to improve your looks. No matter what your natural look is, you can always enhance what you were born with. Each chapter takes a look at specific areas of personal beauty and style. You will learn, step by step, how to create a better you. You don’t have to spend a fortune to attain the suggestions that Ms. Dunn makes. She gives you the know-how to create what you need right at home. She covers everything from hair, nails and makeup to etiquette and improving your conversations. I, for one, am prone to just throwing on jeans and a t-shirt. After reading this book I find myself taking more time and making more effort to improve my overall appearance. I know my husband appreciates it! I think you will find many ideas in this book that will make you feel just a little bit better about yourself.”

Reader’s Favorite

“Dunn, who’s passionate about women looking their best, shares her knowledge and techniques in her book, Practical Glamour: Presenting Your Most Beautiful & Polished Self to the World. Divided into three sections, the book addresses grooming (skin, hair and nails) style and spirit (clothes and fashion) and glamour (etiquette, mood and manner).”

–Annie Lubinsky, The Beach Reporter

“Constance Dunn writes in a polished, no-nonsense, humor-infused style. Although the information and insight I gained from this book definitely give me tools to become a more glamorous me–particularly exciting to this work from home writer/editor/mother–I think the message Dunn hopes to convey to her readers is that no matter your perceived strengths, weaknesses, and/or insecurities, your attitude – living your life how you please–is fundamental to the glamorous spirit.”

–Erin Potter for Reader’s Choice Book Reviews

“I loved Practical Glamour–it is Beauty 101 and more. Any girl can get useful tips and tricks from this book, which can be used each day and at any age. As a professional make-up artist and business owner who is always on the run I can say this book has inspired me to become aPractical Glamourista.”

–Katherine MacDonald, President/Founder Luka Mineral Cosmetics

“Thanks to Dunn, I have realized that there are ways that I can increase my glamour count without breaking the budget, and I have to say that a lot of the advice in Practical Glamour really do have great practical value. Dunn provides a very detailed guide to an at-home facial, at-home pedicure and manicures, and she gives great tip for how to do at-home hair care in the best way. Practical Glamour also contains a style guide, with several assessment exercises to help with finding a style that works best for you. I am very happy that I kept on reading, because to my own surprise, I actually found myself learning a lot about style and glamour that I previously were clueless about. Practical Glamour was an easy and enjoyable read, and I was surprised at how often I discovered advice that I can use in my daily life.”

Frugality Is Free

“Practical Glamour covers everything so well. Easy to read and interesting and informative. For someone who has been in beauty industry for 15 years I learned some new things by reading this book. Every girl should read it!”

–Amanda Darling, President/Founder of Skin Princess and Bio Genetics Skin Care

“No matter the size of your pocketbook, the expanse of your closet, your age, or your cosmetic application abilities, Practical Glamour is an excellent guide to finding and expressing your best self. Practical Glamour leads you through self-assessments to help you discover your personal style and realize whom you are presenting to the world. In addition, the book offers suggestions on how you can really polish your look. Author offers great tips for caring for your wardrobe, skin, hair and nails that everyone can use. For anyone looking to bring out their inner glamour girl Practical Glamour is a must-read! Plus, it is a steal for the wealth of information included! I challenge you to find your best self inside the pages of Practical Glamour.”

–Denise L. D Angelo (Certified Barber, Hairdresser, Nail Technician and Esthetician, Makeup Artist; Registered Cosmetology Instructor)