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Video: See a Zit Get Mauled by an Ice Cube

One of my all-time favorite natural skin tips: ice for acne. It kills the bacteria that causes those sexy zits. This DIY acne cure comes straight from the freezer, and works. (Which I think is nice.)

Why Aloe Rocks: Reason #414

heal sunburn fast with aloe



Your buddy, the aloe plant. Get one. Tomorrow. Yesterday.

Aloe Vera plants are only about $10 and need zero maintenance. They are a lifesaver for repairing sun-busted skin, as seen above. Plus, they make excellent face masks. Tip: If you have sunburn, apply and re-apply fresh aloe as often as you can. Your skin will literally suck up the aloe goodness. Results seen after approximately 36 hours… and the burn was fairly bad.