How To Keep Your Love Life From The Neighbors

Unless you sleep here, you will need to figure out how to keep your amorous activities from seeping into the eardrums of your neighbors

As space seems to become more rare, we as people are becoming more scrunched together, particularly in cities but more and more in suburbs and communities. I spoke with writer Kelly Kreth from NYC apartment site BrickUnderground on an oft-overlooked point of neighbor-to-neighbor etiquette: keeping your modesty, privacy and the psychological well-being of your neighbors intact when engaging in amorous activity. According to their survey conducted in 2010, two-thirds of those they sampled said they had heard a neighbor engaging in such activity.

Here are some of my tips to help keep your private business entre vous, particularly in today’s increasingly close quarters:

  • Realize that bathrooms, with their pretty tubs and showers, can be a whole lot of fun and are typically more insulated than bedrooms.
  • There is a lot of sexiness to be found in soft speaking and whispering.
  • Bed check: None of us would like to live on the floor beneath the shaky, syncopated bed of a cavorting couple. Don’t be that couple. Make sure your bed frame is secure and does not budge when being trounced or bounced upon. Take the mattress off the frame if you must.

Read more, along with the input of others, in the short and informative piece, “How to be a Quiet Sexy Neighbor” at BrickUnderground¬†here.

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