Dry Feet Solution + Callex Ointment


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Summer, winter, spring or fall….there’s always the possibility that a non-sultry situation will befall your feet. Dryness, scaliness and so forth.

Advice to combat rough, parched feet and keep your heels and skin soft includes:

  • regular exfoliation, followed by thick moisturizer
  • before going to bed, slather on a rich moisturizer and cover feet with thick cotton socks

I would add a few:

  • regular pedicures, whether they’re the salon or at-home kind
  • apply sunscreen to exposed feet during daylight hours
  • up the frequency of your exfoliation + moisturizer routine if you’re subjecting your feet to more exposure to the elements than usual, or more high-heel wearing than usual

You may find that for whatever reason, you have a very dry or rough foot situation that is not responding as effectively as usual to the above steps.

In the case of cracking or scaliness on the soles, it may be due to the popularity of foot scrapers which, if not utilized correctly, exacerbate the problem by creating uneven, jagged surfaces, usually on the heels.

Advice: Cut back on the scraping, and try a more gentle approach. If you do scrape, follow up with a gentle file or scrub to create even-textured surfaces on your feet and heels.


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Also, experiment with richer formulations that are created for the feet. I was having an issue due to over-vigorious pedicure-itis, and I tried Callex. Excellent.

The formulation is thickly texture, like dense honey (but no stickiness), so start with a little bit.Let the first round absorb into the skin, and add more in layers as needed.

Bottom Line: The big bonus of Callex over using just a thick moisturizer on feet is that it lasts for a long time. In other words, the dryness goes poof! for a while, days usually, so you are not constantly applying more moisturizer.

And it invisibly exfoliates the skin. It does this via two enzymes in its ingredient list. The first is protease, which helps dissolve dead skin and accelerates cell renewal. The second is aminopeptidase, which also helps dissolve skin by loosening up the cohesion of cells.

In other words, by having this gradual exfoliation of unwanted dead skin happen in tandem with a rich moisturizer, you’re curing the problem instead of just greasing it up for the moment. Dig?

Finally, there’s a dash of natural peppermint oil which feels quite fresh and invigorating. A big Practical Glamour thumbs up all the way around.

A 1.75-ounce jar of Callex costs approximately $15. It lasts forever and can be found at mass-market drugstores like Walgreens. You can read more about Callex here.

P.S. The Callex folks are offering a $4.00 mail in rebate (expires 7/31/15), that you can print out here. Link http://xenna.com/Rebates/CalleX-Rebate.aspx





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