Tip: Increase Your Everyday Flow of Movement


In yoga class the instructor reminds us of something: your practice is not just a series of poses, one after the other. It’s a flow, a concentrated sequence of movement. Part of the practice is focusing on all movements between and en route to Downward Dog, Plank and so forth. Your breathing, your body and grace are part of the whole yoga concert. And what happens on the mat during that 90 minute class can definitely be carried over into “real life.”


Just like in music how the pauses between the beats are equally important.


So taking this idea into your world means moving in a similar flow, even while doing mundane tasks. Getting out of bed is not just a jump from horizontal to vertical⎯it’s full-body stretch into the day. Putting the dishes away? Boring. Instead: inhale and it’s arm-flow-yoga time, with you stretching up to place that plate on a high shelf, then exhaling and gliding across the room to tuck that glass serving dish back into the cabinet beneath the counter.


Physically flowing through your tasks is actually very hard-nosed productive and efficient because it gets them done better and faster.


I chalk this up to being more focused and peaceful while doing said tasks. For you: Turn one loathed, everyday task into something different, movement wise. Vacuuming, mopping, making your bed⎯there’s a panopoly of fun out there to choose from! Engage your whole body and connect to your breath while you move.

The benefits as I’ve experienced them are this:

  • A more peaceful mind
  • Increased physical grace
  • A nice workout for your body







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