Fast & Feasible Ways To Feed Your Glamour

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In a documentary I saw recently by Lauren Greenfield there is a segment about a girl who starved herself to increase her chances of success in modeling. The catch is that, once she started to book jobs, she found herself in front of the camera with “nothing to give.” The punishment she had given her body resulted in a denial of an essential for a model–the ability to project some sort of life, of spirit, for the camera lens to capture. No nourishment, no spirit.

Which brings me to you. Just as you need sleep to adequately power the projection of your personal energy, aka your glamour, you also need food. Quality food that you regularly dose yourself with.

I, like many, many other women, am notoriously uneven in this regard. In many cases, a gal will put herself dead last in line when it comes to nourishing herself. A coworker or boss with an unanticipated, last minute demand voids her lunch, for instance. Or the rush of daily life juts itself in the way of feeding herself consistently. We fuel our vehicles more diligently than our bodies, because they don’t take no for an answer. How about instilling a personal eating policy that’s at least as strict as your the one that your car enjoys?

To that end, here are some tips on how to keep your glamour going by feeding the fire that fuels it.

Morning Eating. The thought of ingesting anything but a luscious ice coffee in the morning might be gag-inducing. But in order to function you must eat. Do I sound like your mother yet? Since I would rather sleep than face a steaming plate of eggs and whatever the heck else people eat in the morning, a fast way to fuel in the morning can consist of:

Eating one or two hard boiled eggs. Boil a dozen eggs at a time, then store them in your refrigerator. Crack one or two open and season with pepper to eat in the morning. Add some fresh lox as a nice side addition.

Cereal. I used to think of cereal as a sort of morning candy, so sugar drenched and colorful were most of the varieties in the grocery store aisles. It’s come a long way. There are many healthy versions now available in stores. For the truly interested, here is a brief by General Mills on the merits of cereal. Select a whole grain version with minimal sugar. If you are not close to a health food store, Cascadian Farms, an organic brand that is owned by General Mills, is quite widely distributed in grocery stores.

Sprinkle with fresh berries or raisins, which are a nice source of iron. Use soy milk instead of milk if you’re worried about calories. Vanilla soy milk adds a nice richness to no-sugar cereals.

Fruit. Keep a heap of fruit handy and grab two or three pieces on your way out the door. One of my favorite things about fruit is the fact that its designer packaged it so ingeniously. Have you ever inspected a banana peel or orange casing. Genius!

A Daily Multivitamin Situation. Find a multivitamin that suits you, buy it in bulk and take it daily. This is an easy thing to make a lifelong habit. Figure out a time that works for you and make your multivitamin habit like brushing your teeth. Look for a formulation that you can take on a empty stomach without having it make you sick.

Look for a formulation in a size and quantity that works for you. Having to take 6 horse-size pills a day just doesn’t work for most of us. Might I suggest a formulation with a lot of the vitamin Bs, as they are excellent in helping the body deal with stress. Vitamin C is a basic, and a formula that contains iron is a plus as many women are anemic, or somewhere darn close.

Do you take medications? Learn what, if any, vitamins and minerals that you may need more of due to your medications, and make sure your multivitamin has them in spades.

Purse Food. Here’s another glamour-promoting habit for you: Keep a cache of nutrition bars or dried fruit in your glove compartment or bag. While fresh fruit is preferable, I know how easy it is for it to rot and get banged up and otherwise be rendered inedible.

The stow-away kind can last forever and save your life when you are lagging in the nutrition department. There are some bars out there that are really just candy bars wrapped in a faux-healthy wrapper–chocolate chips are a dead giveaway–so check ingredients for a whole grain version with zero to little sugar. Mothers tend to be fantastic in this department, as they are used to keeping food handy for their small fry.

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