Flashback Glamour Friday: Miss Linda Darnell & Flowers In Your Hair

Linda Darnell

In my humble opinion, it does not get a lot more glamorous than the lovely Linda Darnell, a screen beauty and quite fine actress who starred in a string of movies, principally in the 1940’s. I watched a good one recently, “Fallen Angel,” where she plays a life-hardened beauty grasping for a better life. Often described as the girl “with the perfect face,” it makes sense that in almost every scene¬†of the movie she is shot in close-up, and with a white flower in her hair to accent that face.

This is a nice look that you might want to adopt, particularly in the summer.

flower in hair

  • Start with a small flower, fresh or silk. Select a flower that looks elegant and of an excellent quality.
  • Find one that accompanies and advances the overall look you are going for. Florid and dramatic, earthy and feminine, super-elegant and so forth.


  • Select a color that contrasts with the color of your hair. If your hair is light, go with a darker flower. Dark hair? Go with a bright or light flower. Think about matching the lightest tones in your hair to the flower.
  • Secure it to a hairpin and¬†experiment placing it around your face at different points. Start behind the ear at its most center point.


  • A flower around the face will accent the face and draw others into it, so make sure your complexion and makeup looks as you wish it to look.
  • If you’re shy or very low-key in terms of your style, you might want to start by selecting a very small flower or, alternately, affix your flower to the base of your bun or ponytail.

Lastly, a flower in your hair will keep you from frowning. Because there is no way that you can wear a frown with a flower in your hair!

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