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I cruise by Good Day PA to share my 3 step recipe for writing a simple but oh-so heartfelt love letter. Yes I’m giving double thumbs up in that photo. Watch highlights here:


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I’m quoted in Carina Wolff’s “9 Conversation Mistakes That May Affect Others Perception of You.” A few things to avoid when conversing with others: talking at someone (versus to or with them) and prying. There are a gazillion other things to learn about someone new beyond say, their age or income or the details of their love life. Great article with handy conversation tips, I learned a thing or two.


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“Beards are not facing oblivion … just an overhaul in the form of neater and shorter.” I opine on whether or not the beard boom is coming to a halt at Fashion Beans. “There are many men who tried the beard look, enjoyed the look, and are now evolving their beard game to more-sculpted looks such as the boxed beard, a tidy style that falls along the sideburns and chin, sometimes linking with the mustache along the sides.”

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More: “The push for beards in the last five years or so is linked to facial hair as a potent visual signifier of classic or traditional masculinity.” Read the full article


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I opine on the relationship benefits of a “sex break” in Bustle, particularly if you got to know someone’s body before you got to know their mind! “The intercourse break is not just great for getting to know the person behind the body, but it also builds erotic suspense and allows you to explore each other sensually, since intercourse is off the table but other activities are not,” Dunn says. Read more


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I offer guidelines to help you construct, refresh or revamp your professional style in The CEO Magazine…I was even reminded of a few things when I re-read the article “Conscious Style.”

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 2.03.13 PM



faux fur style tips Faux fur can look so fabulous and add a needed touch of glamour to dreary, cold months. I offer tips on how to wear faux fur in a way that flatters your figure and personal style sensibilities in this article by Courtney Leiva: “10 Easy Ways To Wear Faux Fur Like A Pro.”


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Got an invite to a Black & White Wedding in your little hand? I opine on how to dress appropriately, comfortably and confidently for the occasion in the Bustle article by Courtney Leiva, “What to Wear to a Black & White Wedding, No Matter How Fancy It Is.”


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I talk about the power of downtime, and how to protect it, in Kelsey Haywood’s article in June/July issue of Girls’ Life Magazine.

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I join South Bay by Jackie and host Joe Terry for their Blog Talk Radio Show: South Bay Spotlight. You can listen to the show here (cue it up at 6:15)



bustle constance dunnAlways freezing? Don’t want to look like a particularly un-sexy mummy all year beneath puffy jackets and cable-knit sweaters? I offer tips on how to stay warm and look sultry in Courtney Leiva’s Bustle article “Cozy Sweaters for People Who are Always Cold.”


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Bad marriage advice? You’ve no doubt been on the receiving end of a few golden nuggets. Bethany Ramos includes my favorites in her article, “8 Pieces of Really Bad Marriage Advice.”


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More than a bag; more like a feeling. I explain how the Birkin bag gets a certain set salivating in the Fortune article, “Women Explain the Quest for the Ultra-Expensive Birkin.”


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The elegant Grace Kelly is naturally exempt from this phenomenon since she sported one well before Birkin bags became…common.

bustle constance dunnHey, it’s New Years Eve. Do you know where your ensemble is? I opine on the glories of silver dressing in Courtney Leiva’s Bustle article, “The One Dress You Need for NYE.” No go forth and be glamorous!


mom style tips

I offer a tip or two on how to get your run-around fashion inspiration from stylish celebrity mothers.


apple watch smart etiquette

Hey here comes the Age of the Smartwatch, starting with the Apple Watch. How to practice superb smartwatch etiquette, particularly on a date.

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Sick of being the tame little mouse working away in the corner. I offer tips on how to raise your workplace profile  in this article by Mikey Rox.

  organization tips constance dunn advice   Cleanliness is next to Godliness, it is said. It’s also next to feeling sane, and being productive, and a bunch of other groovy things. I offer desk organization tips  in “Happy National Clean Off Your Desk Day!”


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In the article, “The Art Within Its Walls,” that I penned for South Bay DIGS, I point out how small, thoughtful details transform a house into something unforgettable. Read here.


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I love doing radio, and was invited on the Staying Young Radio Show [Episode 206, 42:30] to play Medical Mania Trivia. I won some great stuff – Resveratrol and this amazing Stem Cell Skin Creams from LifeLine Skin Care – and got to give a shout out to the troops.

It’s a medical and health show that broadcasts out of Executive Medicine of Texas, and is heard on radio stations around the country, as well as on iTunes.



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  I input on why the luxury monogram no longer telegraphs exclusivity, in a branding article on luxury brands by Kavita Daswani for South China Morning Post.

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  Why shutting everything off and thinking is a virtue. I offer my thoughts in this Chicago Tribune article by Richard Asa. It’s a discussion of Michael Harris’ excellent book, “The End of Absence: Reclaiming What We’ve Lost in a World of Constant Connection.” (No surprise: I’m with him on this one.)

table etiquette table etiquette wisebread

  Dude, you probably should cut that out with the phone that unless you want wine on your lap. I offer input on this Don’ts of table etiquette article by Mikey Rox for Wisebread.

style advice constance dunn   The crop top cometh! I opine in a Brides piece by Elizabeth Mitchell on how a crop top wedding dress can look completely civilized—and pretty and elegant, too. Read here:


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  “Got a wee crush on someone? Whip out the eye contact the next time they come around.” Read more: I guest blog “8 Ways to Turn Up Your Personal Allure” at Life Change the Revolution, personal development site by Mark Bowness. He’s like the Tony Robbins of Australia, and the creator of Tribewanted, which became a 5-part BBC2 show.


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Apple’s iWatch is coming, along with a slew of other wearables from major tech houses. What does that mean on the etiquette front? More blinking, buzzing and artificial lights infiltrating our lives probably. I discuss in this article by Catey Hill on smartwatch etiquette in Wall Street Journal Market Watch.


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I was honored to be a guest on Army Wife Talk Radio. Hosts Tara and Allison and I talked all things presentation, starting with what makes up your overall impression and how it’s within your power to change anything you want on this front. Listen to show 488, “Practical Glamour” here: (Segment begins at 32:00) FYI: Army Wife Network is a leading online source for military spouses, described as “a collective group of new and seasoned Army wives and military community members on a mission to empower the journeys of those who follow.”


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  Lycra in your lashes…coffee for your complexion? I opine on cutting edge and downright unexpected beauty ingredients in this Los Angeles Times piece by Valerie Nelson.


constance dunn beauty tips

Redheads rule, don’t you know. I offer my two cents on why coconut oil is particularly beneficial for redheads. (Don’t you love their logo?)


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Practical Glamour goes international! I discuss how culture impacts fashion trends in this fashion article by Kavita Daswani. Did you know? South China Morning Post is the first English-language in Hong Kong.

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  How much do I tip? A common query, I’d say. I input on modern tipping protocols in this AllParenting article by Galit Breen.


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I joined marketing maven Charlotte Howard of Hair Artist Association to discuss how to spiff up your everyday look, whether your budget is fat or really not. Listen here         constance dunn moderator marketing fashion The awesome American Marketing Association asked me to moderate a panel on fashion marketing in Santa Monica. We covered everything from branding missteps and fashion shows (who knew celebrities were paid so much to attend?) to effective professional mingling (glad to hear I’m not the only one who cringes at the word “networking”). The panel was great, and included this nice roundup of experts… Theresa Broadnax – Fashion designer; Emmy Award winning hair artist and wardrobe stylist, CBS Studios Leanna Lewis – Veteran fashion event producer (Chanel, Victoria’s Secret and more); Director, Fashion Group International of Los Angeles Kelsi Smith – CEO of Stylesmith, a full-service fashion + lifestyle marketing and media agency; Director of LA Fashion Council Jeremy A. Tucker – Associate Director of Brand Strategy at Innovation Protocol, a brand development firm; Speaker/lecturer on brand strategy on NPR and at USC, UCLA and more.


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I offer my favorite skin brightener in this Examiner product roundup of beauty products that make your skin glow


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Hey you glasses-wearing hottie!  I offer my two cents to World Lifestyle on how to pair your glasses with your face and makeup. How is makeup like wine? Read and discover…

  kpcc constance dunn radio I was super-stoked to stop by KPCC radio in lovely Pasadena, California, during their fund drive. I recorded an on-air riff on how learning about arts & entertainment in your community makes you a better conversationalist, which in turn makes you more beautiful. You dig? My thanks to the production manager at KPCC, Rita Pardue, for the invite.


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Communication tips and the single girl. Looking to get your guy to propose? I offer input in this  SheKnows article  to help you discuss the subject honestly and let him learn a thing or two about you in the process. Read it here.


stylehaus LA style constance Constance Dunn Los Angeles Style

A belated thank you to stylist Marina Monroe and stylehaus (great concept!), for the LA Fashion Week invite and very nice mention:


iVillage Constance Dunn

The glamour of getting it on! I share a tip on how intimacy can make you even more beautiful in the iVillage article, “How Having Sex Makes You Prettier.”



WHOM 94.7

I talk simple holiday style with WHOM radio’s Sandra Harris…Read more


  5 Tricks to Ditching a Bad Friend…I offer my input to The Nest on ways to say Adieu, Adios to a friend who is no longer a friend. Read here.

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  I offer input in the Houston Chronicle on how to keep signs of nervousness under control during your next interview. Anti-perspirant on your palms, anyone? Read more here.

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I was honored to speak at this year’s Memorial Day event at America’s Empty Chair Memorial.


hair artist lifestyle constance dunn
I authored a piece on branding for hair professionals in Hair Artist Lifestyle Magazine. Thank you for the cover mention! Find the issue here:


The art of arranging your face and figure for your best photo yet. I discuss in this a podcast with Christelyn Karazin, founder of Beyond Black & White and author of Swirling (Simon & Schuster) Listen to the interview here     type f   I talk my favorite face powder with Tricia Chavez from TypeF, and why it no longer feels like “a dusty mask of chemicals.” Read “The Best Translucent Face Powder to Set Foundation on Oily Skin.

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Etiquette after the fact? My tips on how to follow up after a job interview. Read in the Houston Chronicle.

looking good walynsky

Who likes shlepping a heap of bags through the airport? Not you! I talk to Aly Walansky from Completely You on how to pack like a pro. No more taking your luggage on vacation! Read it here.     Type F Tyra Banks Beauty tips   I talk about what to look for in a bronzer, and how to avoid looking like a fried cheese stick or disco ball. What’s my current favorite? Read “The Best Loose-Powder Bronzers.”


Professional Branding for Hair Artists….New Hair, New Life…I spoke with Charlotte Howard of Hair Artist Association Radio on the link between a major life change and a major hair change, and how stylists can better brand themselves to clients. Listen here.

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Read my tips on how to assess your awesomeness in the Houston Chronicle article “How to Boost Your Self-Confidence in a New Profession” here.

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How cool is that logo? I talk to Anna Harris of CafeYak about how mothers can select their best jeans…ones that don’t look anything like the dreaded “Mom Jeans” of yore. And why skinny jeans are the plague of today. Read “How to Buy Jeans That Flatter.”



for women first_constance dunn_publicity

I love First for Women magazine, and was happy to offer tips in the December issue on how to pull yourself together beautifully for a holiday party.  No more boring black dress and shoe combos for you!


constance dunn style etiquette   Cision is, like, the PR hub of the entire universe, so I was of good cheer to be featured in their Fashion and Beauty Fanatic’s Q&A with editor Lisa Larranga. Read it here.


pr_newswire_constance dunn

I am pleased to be PR Newswire ProfNet’s ‘Interesting Expert of the Week,’ and spoke with Maria Perez about the sum of good looks, the state of culture and more. Read the full interview here.

Read my new Versus column in the fine Rebel Magazine for men, on whether you should spill to your guy when someone comes onto you. The July/August copy is found on newsstands, or read the digital version below (page 25).



whom 94.9 sandra and teddy

I share easy summer style tips and some office Do’s and Don’ts with Sandra & Teddy of America’s Superstation 94.9 WHOM. Listen here.


Denim, shoes and more…A great rundown on Life & Beauty Weekly on what, wallet wise, you should be investing in, or giving a Pass Go. I offer a tip or two, like the one on the wonders of fantastic undergarments. Read the piece here

first for women constance dunn style

I offer guidelines in First for Women on looking strategically excellent and authentic during summer. Dressing in your 20’s, 50’s and beyond? There  are officially no rules anymore. Okay, so there are a few, but they’ve got little to do with the number of candles on your birthday cake.



Is reality TV bad for a young mind? I give my thoughts on its mental nutritional value to writer Mary Fetzer in this SheKnows article. Short and sweet, read it here.


I offer some summer hosting tidbits in the upcoming issue of Greenwise Magazine. I love this grocery store, it’s part of larger chain Publix, and was pleased to talk about ways to imbue your summer party, no matter how casual, with elegant and thoughtful touches, like custom popsicles or bowls of fresh wildflowers throughout.

Read the online version here.



Ah, the beauty of a child. I offer input in Mary Fetzer’s piece at All Parenting on the influence of “looks” in the attraction equation of children. “A child who feels attractive — not necessarily in the physical sense — is more fun to be around,” I say, plus more. Read this short and interesting piece.

I was kindly asked by the editors of Rebel Magazine for a repeat performance in their May-June issue. Giving the female side of the question “Does it bother you if your significant other finds someone on TV or in a movie attractive?” for their Versus feature. Thumb to page 23 for my answer:



redondo beach library

Be your best self this year and beyond. I visited the Redondo Beach Main Library to discuss the art and science of people perception, and how you can mine your unique personal qualities to present your most attractive and authentic self to the world.


I offer my input in Family Circle on keeping your beach bag from getting weighed down by unnecessaries this summer. Find my tip here.



In April I visited the Los Angeles home of Temple University to speak to the current crop of film and media students who are studying and working in Hollywood for the semester. Covering topics like personal branding as well as sharing shortcuts to hopefully ease the pain that comes with post-graduation life….which doesn’t seem like all that long ago.



“Rebel represents our antithetical position on popular culture and the message it has been selling men for generations. Culture says a rebel is a man defined by independence, personal achievement, sexual conquests and/or economic success. Our definition of a Rebel is slightly different.”—Rebel Magazine I was really pleased to have the opportunity to opine in the May-June issue of Rebel Magazine on whether or not it’s kosher for your significant other to reconnect with an old flame on Facebook. My answer surprised even me. Find it on page 33, below:





I had the opportunity to do a post-Oscar best and worst rundown with the gals on FOX 29 WFLX, plus speak with the station’s John Favole on how to increase your ease in formal attire. The above photo is of the lovely ingenue Shailene Woodley who, in a Valentino Couture gown, soft makeup and feminine hair, was the epitome of youthful female beauty at this year’s Oscar’s.


The topic: Getting the 80/20 Rule out of Your Closet. Most of us wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time. I share tips with WFLX’s Roxanne Stein on how to shop smarter, more strategically, for your wardrobe. The result: A leaner closet containing only those items that make you look and feel lovely–and no more money or time wasted lugging home bags of stuff you’ll never wear.



I spoke about culture and civility, hair removal techniques and how to have a great conversation that doesn’t involve grilling the other person with hosts Melissa Jenkins-Simon and Diane Stafford on “Outreach Today.” The topic: LIFE Strategies: Ways to Help you Live Smarter not Harder. Dr. Pam Love and etiquette specialist Monique Dubuque joined the discussion on better living, inside and out.

I’m pleased to offer my practical glamour input on a bevy of beauty and presentation topics at some recent articles found at Tyra Banks’, such as:



Ms. Bronwyn Mauldin is taking literature and poetry into the streets with Guerrilla Reads. What is a “guerrilla reading?” To quote the website: It’s a reading of a literary work that takes place out in the real world, not in the rarified atmosphere of your local bookstore, library, conference facility or sports arena. Guerrilla readings take literature to places where literature is not expected. Perhaps even where literature is not welcome.
I had the pleasure of reading from Practical Glamour, guerrilla style, at this year’s West Hollywood Book Fair. View “Guerrilla Reads Number 56” here.



I joined Christelyn Karazin, the glamour-girl author of new book Swirling: How to Date, Mate, and Relate Mixing Race, Culture, and Creed for a little in-store practical glamour.



I had the pleasure of meeting and being interviewed by Coach Betty Louise for her “Inner Beauty” kit, a series of 22 interviews with specialists all on the topic of finding and enhancing one’s inner beauty quotient. I spoke about the utility of one’s inner glamour, and how it’s essential in fueling the projection of your most attractive and authentic self. The series can be previewed and/or purchased here.

Alternatively, I recommend that you listen to any one of Coach Betty’s WGRN shows when you need a lift. The subjects and guests are always a bit off the beaten path, and excellent. Archives of her show, Coach Betty LIVE!, can be found here.


I offer my etiquette input in the form of Tip #9 in “Danger Zone: 9 Tips For Partying With Your Boss” at AOL Jobs. Did you know? A 2010 Adecco Staffing survey found that 40% of us have either done something inappropriate, embarrassed themselves or know someone who has at a holiday office party. The other 60% just don’t remember. (The last part is a joke. Of sorts.)

I was incredibly pleased to have Practical Glamour selected as part of Conversations Book Club Top 150 Books of 2011. The book club’s founder, Cyrus Webb, does much to promote the importance of reading and discussing books and highlighting authors.  At #5, my book is sandwiched between “Spiritually Rich & Sexy” at #4 and “Teddy Bear: Stolen Innocence” at #6.

I joined radio talk show hosts Steph and Lauren of the Lady Brain Show to discuss Playboy and Lindsay Lohan’s appearance in the magazine. Listen to the show here.


 Amanda Haddaway Destination Real World

I had the pleasure of contributing to HR star Amanda Haddaway’s new book “Destination Real World: Success after Graduation: 25 Tips You Didn’t Learn in School” a skinny and information packed book aimed at new college graduates. The beauty of this book is that if you read it from cover to cover and faithfully follow it, you will skip some painful, unnecessary lessons and have a much better post-college life. Guaranteed. My section deals with the dynamics and the rewards of engaging in positive social behavior. And a bit about the gnomes who do not.


Ah, the key to making makeup stay. I offer a tip on how to make yours last in “Transfer-Resistant Makeup That Won’t Cause Breakouts” at


I input on how to help make visiting guests feel more welcome in this great article by Laura Vogel, “The Welcoming Home.” There are some great hosting tips here, such as test-driving your guest room to make sure it’s kosher before your friends and family arrive.


Just as any professional lovely, male or female, knows his or her best features and how to spotlight them, you too should make a point of objectively perusing your face, finding your favorite attributes and going about figuring out how to best showcase them. The winner, as is the case in all self-improvement tasks like these, will be you! Read my guest blog post at True Hollywood Makeup, “Finding Your Best Face Yet.”

Winter_Ways_To_Get_Beautiful_Skin_Constance Dunn

  MSN’s glo has a nice little slideshow of 10 practical tips to help keep your skin soft and lovely through the  winter months. Find mine at number 5.


Read my tip on eradicating soda from your diet. Host of the optimistic and useful Richer Life Tips, Robert Pagliarini writes a weekly column for CBS MoneyWatch and is the author of the bestseller Six-Day Financial Makeover: Transform Your Financial Life in Less Than a Week.



Spiky hair is a hair breed unto itself. Learn which hair gels work best for spiky hair…and which glue-like, value brand found in many a drugstore I relied on not so long ago to keep my glossy buzz cut behaving in “The Best Gels for Spiky Hair” at

I had an excellent time at Barnes & Noble in Manhattan Beach, California, where I mingled with many women of all glamour stripes and had many interesting discussions on presentation, and what it signifies to different women. And a few guys too. Oh yeah, and signed copies of Practical Glamour. The holidays are coming, along with a roll-up of this year. A perfect time to plot for change; dramatic, positive change. Or to start something new altogether.

I input on my favorite drugstore beauty swap in “Makeover your Cosmetic Bag: 5 Inexpensive Beauty Swaps” at


Why tattoos, permanent sneering, profanity and horrible clothes will never make the man. I opine on the matter in Janene Mascarella’s piece, “How to Be A Badder Bad Boy” at CBS’s Mancave Daily.


I share a tip on faking a good night’s sleep in the Nov/Dec issue of Breathe Magazine: “Nighttime Skin Treatments.” Breathe Magazine is a groovy read that I learned about recently. It is consistently filled with smart, quality ideas and product recommendations that make sense.


I offer up one of my favorite face powders in Tricia Chaves’ lineup of “The Best Quality Face Powders” at


I recommend having a stock hangover strategy, and in add my top tip in “Top 10 Hangover Beauty Dos and Don’ts” by Elizabeth Mitchell at the fabulous Fashion Spot.


Baseball caps and cheesy suits, begone. Theo Pauline Nestor includes my two least favorite male looks in Happen Magazine’s8 Wardrobe Items Women Wish You’d Toss Out.”


Hey there, Daddy.” Sexy or So Weird?” Depends on deliver and intent, I say. And a bit more in this Daily Buzz piece.


Okay, you’re in the middle of nowhere, not a health food store or boutique in site. You have no shampoo or conditioner and the selection is very limited at the local drugstore. I recommend one of my favorite drugstore hair lines, and offer why, in “The Best Hair Product Lines Sold at Drugstores.”


inc magazine

I offer my input on research and desire in the Inc. Magazine piece “Market Research is the New Black” by journalist Eilene Zimmerman. I share why I think style start-up Stylitics might be a potential boon for trend forecasters, market researchers and ordinary folks who want to share their closet with the world.

we magazine tear_Constance_Dunn

In the current issue of we Magazine, produced quarterly by awesome organic skin care house Weleda, I input on the merits of using natural skin-care products in “Embrace Your Beauty.” Read the full article in the online version here.


I offer my pick for excellent full-cover oily skin foundation at, in Tricia Chaves’ piece, “The Best Long Wearing Full Coverage Foundation for Oily Skin.” Hint: It’s not Smashbox, though they have some great products.

career-intelligence for women

I am quoted in Robin Madell’s piece “Dealing with Generational Differences in the Workplace,” found in the online and print version of the resourceful and smart Career Intelligence. An informative read that sheds light on how Boomers, Gen Xers and Millennials (or Gen Yers) are coalescing, or not, in today’s work sphere, and how to see things through the eyes of other generations more clearly.


Coconut oil is one of those wonder substances, useful for about a zillion things. You can use it to condition your hair, bake a cake, remove makeup, and so on. It’s also fabulous as a skin conditioner that can dissolve scars, provided that you select the right type of oil and use it diligently. I talk to‘s Dacia Rivers on the topic here, “Virgin Coconut Oil for Scars.”


Read my  very own “Top 10 Fashion Do’s” at indie fashion retailer Bobbe Pin. Learn why models in street style shots are more compelling than “pinched-face mannequins in magazines” and why it’s good practice to ignore fashion fads, and most trends while you’re at it (Fashion Do #5).

A positive review for Practical Glamour from the Midwest Book Review:

midwest book review practical glamour dunn

It doesn’t take hours to make yourself presentable to the world. “Practical Glamour: Presenting Your Most Beautiful & Polished Self to the World” is a grooming advisory guide from Constance Dunn. A focus on the everyday appearance, Dunn gives tips on everything from nailcare, to a good wardrobe and the all important hair. For those who want to look like a star everyday, “Practical Glamour” is very much recommended reading.


typef_constance_dunn_tyra_banksAh, the satchel handbag. So much to consider…style, size, placement, and so forth. I attempt to shed some light on the subject in my piece on, “Can I Carry a Satchel Handbag on My Shoulder?” Do tune in for some tips, like how to not suffer from Little Girl, Big Satchel Syndrome.

Creators Syndicate_Constance Dunn

I had the pleasure of opining in a Creator’s Syndicate Fall/Winter Fashion newspaper supplemental piece, “Jacket Trends: Stay Warm While Looking Good” by Sharon Mosley. I happen to think that, since many of us nearly live in our coats from October to March, this is a wardrobe selection that deserves some careful and practical consideration. To that end, I offer a few tips on how to appraise your figure and select the coat to best optimize your assets.


fast company

I am interviewed by Douglas Crets of Fast Company on “How Men’s Fashion Marketing Gets It All Wrong.”


constance_dunn In August I spoke to the research students of Matthew A. Gilbert’s Marketing Research and Strategic Applications class at UCSB Extension in beautiful Santa Barbara. I shared my Top 10 Best Practices for Researchers. Numbers 2 and 9, respectively: Know How to Write a Killer Survey, and Load Your Research Profile with as Many Hard Skills as Possible. Yes, that is an overhead slide projector in the photo.

I provide a few on-the-spot strategies in an article by Margot Carmichael Lester on keeping “your mouth irresistably kissable through your date–and beyond.” The piece, “Pucker Up!” is in Happen Magazine, which is a magazine “about dating and relationships” that is produced by I like the magazine’s tagline about love not coming with instructions.


I had the pleasure of inputting in Wendy Rose Gould’s piece “The Fall 2011 Color Palette” on In it, she covers a lot of useful ground, introducing the most high-profile colors for fall 2011 and giving a nice round-up of ways you can adapt them to your face and figure, making you look au courant no matter how low-key or brazen your preferred personal style.


Best friends forever? In a world of social networking, maybe not. I offer my input in a Denver Post piece about the platonic breakup, and how technology has changed the way that friendships form–and come to an end. Read the full piece here.

bookstore_constance_dunnAt the Jackson Hole Book Traders in Jackson Hole, Wyoming I had the pleasure of discussing people-perception, easy ways to enhance your everyday presentation via your Personal Style Brand and the state of public civility. And sign copies of Practical Glamour. If you happen to pass through the Jackson Hole, do visit Jackson Hole Book Traders, an absolute charm of a book store with a great collection of rare, used and new books housed in a comfortable, elegant and easy atmosphere. Just like Jackson Hole in general.

Jackson Hole Book Traders
970 W Broadway
Jackson, WY 83001
(307) 734-6001

bella magazine I was happy to opine on my favorite no-cook summer snack in the latest issue of newstand magazine Bella in You. I love that their tagline is, “Beauty as defined by you.” That, and their positive, information-packed issues.

I offer a couple of tips on making weight loss a more palatable affair for couples in Sheba Wheeler’s interesting piece in the Denver Post, “Weight Loss Shouldn’t Threaten Well-Adjusted Couples.” In the end, though, if someone you’re dating or married to is trying to scuttle your plans to look and feel more lovely, I believe you should say adieau to them, and stat.

type f

A fan of using makeup to optimize your most standout feature each and every day, and in the shortest time frame possible, I offer some tips in Sherrell Dorsey’s piece on, “Where to Put Makeup on to Accent Your Features.”

energy_image_el camino college_SURT program

And the glamour goes on! I had the pleasure of speaking to students in the Summer Utilities Responsiveness Training (SURT) program at El Camino College in Los Angeles. The seminar: “Finding and Defining Your Personal Style Brand.” No matter your field, now more than ever, you need to know what you bring to the table professionally and how you can quickly and concisely communicate it to others. The ability to assess your professional self, objectively and truthfully, then suss out those companies, organizations and firms where you’ll thrive, is a must if you want to reduce the rejection, headache and wasted hours of throwing darts at a map, career-wise. The adage about needing to know where you’re going is true; also true is making sure you want to go there in the first place. End of lesson.



I input on my favorite tan in a bottle in the article, “The Best Skin Tanner.” It’s true what writer Violet Kanian says, “Even in the fall and winter, having pasty white skin isn’t so fierce.” Even if you like the look of a light shade of skin on your person, it’s always nice to to have a faux, sunless option on hand when you feel like dialing up your level of color.

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I had the pleasure of being interviewed by author Christelyn Karazin from Beyond Black & White on the topics of personal style, glamour, etiquette and the state of the lady in these modern times. Too bad all the charm schools have closed, because the likes of  Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton make a killing with sex tapes and little girls play with dolls that look like them.  Yes; they’re pretty.  But pretty is not glamourous, and sexy does not equal poise… Read her full piece and listen to the interview here.


Read my piece at smart site Beauty Brief on the mechanics of people perception, and how you can step back and evaluate what you’re currently doing, and what you might want to tweak, overview, update or change completely. When was the last time you sat at a café and watched yourself walk by? Never, right? That is because when it comes to evaluating others, we are pros. When it comes to evaluating ourselves, not so much. The reason for this is simple: We don’t observe ourselves as we observe others, that is, actively and consciously. Because of this, it’s hard to know what our presentation looks like to others, and what kind of impression we leave in our wake. Read the full piece here.


Averse to the suit? I input on “5 Ways to Avoid Wearing a Bathing Suit” on Daily Buzz site HeadDrama. Indeed, there is more than one way to look super sultry or virile at the beach than stripping down to a postage stamp. My gosh I like the summers, and the winters and spring too, in California.


Read the full article here.

conversations_live_radio_constance_dunn I had the pleasure of speaking with Cyrus Webb on his 92.3 FM radio show, Conversations LIVE!, on June 8th. The name of the show says it all, as Cyrus leads interesting discussions with guests on almost every topic under the sun. (The guest after me, the author Kane, discussed his new vampire thriller.) Listen to the show below, where Cyrus and I discuss self assessment, accentuating the positive and the importance of bringing along a beautiful attitude.


You can listen to Conversations LIVE! on 92.3 FM in Mississippi or online at BlogTalkRadio.


Paula Rizzo of The List Producer is not just a compulsive list maker. I, too, love the list and am better for it. I had the privilege of authoring a guest piece on, (what else?), “Ways to be Practical and Glamorous.” It includes some easy ways to slip more beauty and happiness into your days…and a great idea from Ms. Rizzo on how to handle heels at work despite a very NYC commute. Read the full piece here.


In the May issue of Shopping Centers Today, a trade magazine for the retail real-estate industry, I speak with Maura Ammenheuser on the success of Diane’s Beachwear, a retail outfit that has bloomed from a single-venue custom bikini shop in Manhattan Beach to 20 stores.

Owner Diane Biggs was keen enough to offer women the mix-and-match option early on, before bigger retailers did so, and offer consumers not just the option to mix sizes (a small top with a large bottom, say) but styles and cuts. She also featured smaller and lesser-known swimsuit designers who were cutting suits that strategically flattered a woman’s figure. In short, I point out that she gave us what we wanted before we were quite sure of it ourselves.

Read the full article here.


The grand publishing event of all North American publishing events, Book Expo America, took place this May 24-26 in NYC at the Javits Center. While at BEA 2011, I very much enjoyed meeting some very stylish librarians and booksellers, and signing copies of Practical Glamour. PS. And no one is still really sure what’s going to happen to books.



In the GalTime article “Rock Your Shorts LA” I input on summer shorts trends in Los Angeles, like the Civilized Shorts trend (which I am seeing alot and loving, see below) and a big, bare reason to avoid short shorts.


Read the full article here.


For a full year Josh Stevens lived exclusively off $100, and all the Groupon deals he could score with it. For his trouble he was rewarded with $100,000 from the company. Read my input on the matter in the NBC Chicago article “365-Day “Live Off Groupon” Challenge Draws to a Close” on how such publicity strategies can help your message or endeavor provided “the gist of the contest squares with your brand.” For some reason, whenever I hear the phrase “publicity stunt” I think of Jayne Mansfield, who was (or perhaps just her agent was) a master of these. One of her most well-known stunts, which I think she performed more than once, had to do with her jumping into pools and fountains and so forth, and oops-accidentally-not-really having her top pop off, proffering her expansive bosom to the lenses of the paparazzi and to top spots in gossip rags in the process. In any case, however cheesy the act itself, the smarts of the stunt came from the fact that, indeed, the gist squared with the brand. Miss Mansfield’s Hollywood brand had everything to do with cheesecake. And as the queen of the stuff, she out-cheesed the legions of other blond cuties from everywhere that were vying for their place in the sun.

Read the full article here.

I find writing and selling books very satisfying, and something that I have been deeply engaged in since mine came out. I had the pleasure of speaking with Cathy Stucker of Selling Books on the definition of Practical Glamour, the process of writing and the state of publishing.

Read the full article here.

A local news show covered a talk I gave to a group of lovely  ladies, and a few guys, on finding your personal style brand.

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I happen to think the menfolk get the short end of the stick in the game of getting grooming, style and manner advice they can actually use, so whenever a men’s outfit asks me to opine on something, I run and don’t walk in order to do so. Read Brian O’Connor’s article at Style and Tech for Men, “Six Tips for Sporting Denim This Spring,” which contains my input on how men can look super foxy and au courant in their denim, including how to properly pair and accessorize denim-based ensembles and why wearing skinny jeans will only amplify a keg-on-legs scenario.

Read the full article here. Incidentally, Style and Tech for Men is quite a good site. It’s Style section and Looking Sharp blog in particular, feature solid, current advice and are smartly written.

My input on cultivating star-like confidence appears in Woman’s World, a great grocery line weekly that actually imparts information. The piece, by writer Alison Bell, is called “Turn on Your Confidence and Be the Star of Your Own Life” and contains some great nuggets like:

  • Rephrasing your thinking. Performers who manage stage fright well do the following: Before heading onstage, instead of telling themselves, ‘I must do well,’ they said, ‘I want to do well.’ This simple change in wording takes off a lot of pressure, so ‘you’ll feel and perform better,’ he [book author Mick Berry] explains.
  • And my tip on using your emotions: “Actors know that some of our most basic emotional responses can be turned into solid gold onstage. Marilyn Monroe reported that one of her directors helped her with performance anxiety by telling her to use it!”  To translate your tension into positive energy, tell yourself “I will use this nervousness to give my speech or presentation extra energy.”


As a people of gadgets, we are all somewhere in the midst of learning how to smoothly and competently carry and use them in public in our daily lives. I input in a Law Technology News piece by John Edwards, “Carrying Gadgets With Style” on how lawyers and non-lawyers alike can manage this and still look “smooth as vermouth.”

Here’s an excerpt: “You should also know where each device is located on your body. This means that all of your gadgets must be given designated places that don’t change from day to day. “Your BlackBerry, let’s say, is always in your left-inside jacket pocket,” Dunn says, adding that there’s no hard and fast rule as to where to place each device, as long as each location is comfortable and easily reachable for smooth access. “It’s almost like law enforcement, where it’s key to have firearms, handcuffs, and other things in their own set places,” she says.”

Read the full article here.


How do you smash all of your must-haves into a teensy weensy bag? I spoke with writer Chandra Orr of Creators Syndicate for the annual Spring-Summer Fashion & Prom special features package released in newspapers nationwide. My answer? Whether we’re talking prom night or just any night… “Get ruthless. A packed purse is often filled with few actual necessities and a lot of extraneous and unnecessary ones,” says Constance Dunn, author of “Practical Glamour: Presenting Your Most Beautiful & Polished Self to the World.” “A leaner, meaner prom purse will make for a more fun night, with less time handling tubes, bottles and cans of stuff. The only items that get to make the cut are those you will actually use, not those you feel you need to have or carry out of habit.”


Beneficial and budget-conscious products that work beautifully abound at your local drugstore–the key is knowing which ones to buy and which ones to pass on by. Find different takes on top drugstore shampoos, including mine, in this beauty brief found on Tyra Banks’ new website,, here.


You’d be amazed at how easy it is to pass out each night without, gasp, having attended to your nightly skin care routine. That’s because there’s no shortcutting the careful regiment of removing makeup, including every speck of eye makeup, applying toner to the face and neck, applying special treatments such as zit cream or spot lightener, then oh-so-gently massaging in eye cream and night cream. Review your nighttime beauty musts, including mine, in this SheKnows article, found here.


Pick up some tips on top natural beauty products for the lips and face in this beauty brief by writer Violet Kanian, found on Tyra Banks’ new website,, here.


I will be discussing the science of impressions and how to optimize yours, plus signing copies of Practical Glamour at Books & Books, located at the glamorous Bal Harbour Shops in Miami.

Books & Books
9700 Collins Ave.
Bal Harbour, FL 33154

Books & Books is located on the second level of the mall, next to Neiman Marcus.

Being nice to your bosom means that you are unbending when it comes to the quality, fit and beauty of your brassieres. Read my two cents on building a comprehensive collection, including the importance of owning a good “one-off bra,” in this informative article by writer Wendy Rose Gould, found on Tyra Banks’ new website,, here.

Do you suffer from Daily Denim or Denim on Denim, or some variation thereof? If so, do read my piece at Chic Galleria on how to break the denim habit, here.

Designs for Dining
Entertaining Ideas & Table Designs
Palos Verdes Estates, CA

At this year’s Designs for Dining I discussed the state of etiquette, along with specific and tactful moves that you, as guest or host, can make to ensure that you achieve your desired mood (and dress code) at your next gathering.


“137 Tips to Make a Great First Impression in Business,” sponsored by DELL and the sleek Vostro V130 laptop. seen above, can be found at the Unsolicited Business Advice blog of Carol Roth, the rather glamorous business strategist.

Read my tip, #73, on Owning the Introduction, along with others, here

Jayplay Magazine has a nice little article on “The Art of Seduction” that includes my input, like a tip on looking into your desired object’s eyes and “thinking warm thoughts.” (I almost can’t believe I said that, but it’s actually a piece of advice that I will stand by.)

Read the entire article here.

I was a guest on Environmental Directions, the longest-running U.S. radio program on environmental issues, to discuss with host Nancy Pearlman how to be Earth-friendly and glamorous when it comes to your closet and bathroom cupboard. Inaugurated in 1977, her half-hour interview shows have aired weekly on public (NPR and APR), commercial, listener-sponsored, and college-sponsored stations, as well as on the Internet. Listen below to Ms. Pearlman and I discuss the zero-waste wardrobe plus other topics of the practical and glamorous variety.

I spoke with writer McLean Robbins for her Yahoo! Shine article, “Would You Go Out With Someone You’re Not Attracted To?” This is a great piece that covers a lot of terrain including my point on the collision of biology, psychology and our personal histories. And the dizzying power of male scent. Read the article here.

In a changing work ecosystem more and more people are working alone. Along with this can come a certain loneliness. My tip, on taking an electronic disconnect (#65), can be found among “100+ Ways to Overcome the Loneliness of Being a Solopreneur” at The Entreprenette Gazette. Catchy.

Read all 100+ ways here.

There is a website for everything, I am now convinced. How to buy, sell, rent and live in a NYC apartment is covered by BrickUnderground. I spoke with writer Kelly Kreth on a sadly overlooked point of neighbor-to-neighbor etiquette: keeping your modesty, privacy and the psychological well being of your neighbors intact when engaging in amorous activity. Her smart, short and informative piece, “How to be a Quiet Sexy Neighbor” can be found here.

Constance Dunn comments on older models Boomers

I spoke with smart trend-watchers DemoDirt on the economic and social factors that are forcing a fashion-industry focus on mature consumers–and the models they love.

Read the full article here:


I spoke with smart money site Main Street for the article, “8 Friends Who Drain Your Wallet.” Perhaps you have a Bridezilla, Charlie Brown or Macro-Economic Moron in your life? Learn what you can do to make sure you stay friends–and they inflict minimal damage to your bottom line.

Read the article here.

pages: a book store
904 Manhattan Ave.
Manhattan Beach, CA

Who do you want to be? Architect your most attractive and authentic self for the new year and beyond. I had the pleasure of visiting Pages Bookstore to discuss and sign copies of my book, Practical Glamour, a DIY-oriented grooming, style and manner guide called “A handy, relatable resource for women everywhere who want to look and feel their best.”


I spoke with McLean Robbins of the smart and very useful lifestyle site Gal Time on whether or not a woman should propose to a man. Given the many change-ups in the realm that is female and male romance, part of me would like to answer in the affirmative. However, “Nay” is my final answer…with good reason. Read the article here.


‘Tis the season of the holiday tip. I spoke with the Murrysville Star about guidelines for holiday gratuity giving, including the usefulness of cash, giving compliments instead of a tip (a big Don’t) and how to avoid naked money.

Read the article here.

I happily discussed the “Etiquette of Regifting” on Clear Channel’s NewsTalk 1530 KFBK. Listen live at 9:40pm ET / 6:40 pm PT here. (Click one of the the “Listen Live” buttons on the homepage.) If you’re in the Sacramento area, tune into 1530 AM.

I discuss the mechanics and under-used personal power of presentation in LA’s Easy Reader, along with clever ways to enhance yours, such as cultivating your “inner flame,” training your eye to spot plum-quality garments and more. “We have only one chance to make a good impression. Failing that, it can be a steep climb back, and by then the opportunity for a second try may have passed. That’s why some of us can learn a thing or two from Constance Dunn.” Read the article here.

Selecting scent. The right fragrance can, poof!, make a moment more elegant or powerful. Ah, fragrance is a potent but tricky gift. I spoke with the Pocono Record on selecting fragrances, and learned a thing or two myself. Tip: Retailer Lisa Berry suggests buying miniatures or testers as a smart way to test-drive scents. Read the article here.

Your Essential Impression. The kind folks at Microtank, the think tank for microbusiness, asked me to contribute to their weekly column. I chose the always intriguing and overlooking topic of “people perception.” Given the timing–the holidays and new year are soon upon us–it serves as a timely recap of the ways that we mentally suss each other up. I think you’ll like it. It can be found here.


  Constance Dunn media appearances

I recently spoke with the very informative eHealth Radio on strategic shopping-closet organization-overdressing-jewelry-and exercising the luxury of being You. Listen to the entire conversation here.

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I joined Social Chats on Monday, November 1 from 1-2 PM EST to speak with the AWCSF (Association for Women in Communications–South Florida) about the importance of a Personal Style Brand–and how to find (or refine) yours. “Social Chats” is hosted by the glamorous Tonya Scholz and Dana Lawrence.


Practical Glamour in Japanese. Or rather, in the Japanese weekly paper LALALA, where affiliate JPy Magazine’s “Beauty Paparazzi” asked me some cute questions about my favorite things.



Beach Books columnist Annie Lubinsky from the southern California weekly The Beach Reporter offers a nice write-up of Practical Glamour: Famed beauty professional Helena Rubenstein once said, “There are no ugly women, only lazy ones.” Redondo Beach resident and beauty expert Constance Dunn would say, “No matter your age, purse or position, you should be able to look beautiful.” Dunn, who’s passionate about women looking their best, shares her knowledge and techniques in her book, “Practical Glamour: Presenting your Most Beautiful & Polished Self to the World.” Read the full article here.