Recording a Pleasing Voicemail Greeting in a Short Amount of Time



You might be in the market for a new voicemail greeting, but are not into the many, many minutes that it might take to get yours just-so. Before jumping into the rabbit hole of your phone’s voicemail system, getting mired in take after take, hitting delete and record, then delete and record, here are some tips to shorten the process and get to a really pleasing message in the shortest time possible:

  • Write out the message, saying it out loud as you do
  • Keep it simple, cordial and un-cutesy
  •  If you’re stuck, here is a sample script: Hello, this is Nancy Jones. Please leave a message and I’ll return your call as soon as possible. Thank you.
  • Think nice thoughts and smile while you record — pretend you are speaking with a friend
  • Exhale while you say your name
  • Enunciate, speaking each word clearly

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  1. Thanks for the useful tips, they are easy to follow yet very effective in establishing a contact through communication… these tips are very useful to me, since I have to use voice mail an awful lot for my business.

    May 16, 2012 @ 12:26 pm

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