Skindinvia Post-Makeup Recovery Spray

I’ve been wearing makeup at the level of your average vaudevillian these days, so I was most intrigued when I saw that Skindinvia had come out with a Post-Makeup Recovery Spray ($26 for 4-ounce bottle shown below). I have been testing it out for a month now, spraying it on my face after removing makeup and cleansing skin.

post makeup recovery spray


Verdict: Thumbs up.

Why use it…

If you wear a lot of makeup, layers of the stuff, heavily pigmented makeup—which most makeup is these days—you’re going to see some setback/flashback on your skin.

For starters, pores will have a greater likelihood of being clogged with the stuff, and you might notice that, due to heavy cleansing that heavy levels of makeup require, your skin is more dry and, I’ll say it, stripped than if you were tip toeing through the tulips each day wearing nothing more than a dewy moisturizer with SPF and tinted gloss.

What it does…

The spray aims at ‘replenishing lost nutrients and moisture immediately after removing makeup.’ This is a good thing to aim for, particularly since if you’ve just removed every last smudge of makeup, along with the naturally protective oils that form the acid mantle, and keep the skin looking dewy and naturally glowing.

What’s in it…

The base of Skindinavia Post-Makeup Recovery Spray is witch hazel and water, which holds a blend is a slew of minerals and herbs. Among them: zinc, magnesium, willow bark extract, raspberry leaf and black currant leaf.

Note: I recommend the spray for the fortifying ingredients. Notably, zinc, which is used topically to heal wounds. Also, to prevent and clear acne breakouts due to its anti-bacterial properties.

Keep in mind…

However, this formula has a mild astringent effect (remember the witch hazel base), so if you have dry skin, I suggest using the spray first, then following it up with a moisturizer once the formula has had a chance to be absorbed by the skin.

Skindinavia has an effective lineup of innovate, useful makeup and skincare products. I’m a big fan of Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray (my review here), which keeps makeup in place for up to 16 hours.

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