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Airport Security Style Alert: Don’t Forget Ye Foot Shields


Having recently had to walk barefoot across the floor of the airport security area on a particularly packed and balmy day, I consider this travel tip more vital than remembering your luggage or passport.

If you wish to avoid that horrific trod across linoleum squares where many, many others have schlepped shoeless just moments before, always have a pair of ped-type foot shields on hand when you travel by air. Neither the thick jogging type nor the skimpy nylon ones either–select a lightweight cotton-based pair.

Nude_peds_airport_travel_style_hygiene I like those in a nude or beige color that are a low-cut design because they are more incognito and easy to slip on and off. These are easy to find at a neighborhood drugstore and cost approximately $5 for a two-pair pack.

Stash them in your purse or pocket and slip them on, one by one. Remove a shoe, slip on a ped. Remove the other shoe, slip on the other ped. I have done this so often the act is as seamless as a magician performing a stock trick.

Airport peds are a must for the woman who is often in heels, slides or flip-flops. On the rare occasion when I’ve approached the security area and realized I am ped-less, my first and automatic response is retreat. Turn and bolt the other way.

Faced with this fight or flight choice I always end up taking the flight. I take off my shoes and walk straight ahead. I try not to let my soles touch the floor. I try to block out any thoughts of what lies on the floor beneath me. I think of kittens playing with a ball of string on a sunny day and butterflies flirting in the flowers. And it always takes everything in my being not to shriek out: Ewww!