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Too Much Denim, Too Much Of The Time?

Do you suffer from compulsive daily denim wearing, denim on denim, or some variation thereof? Wearing too much denim too much of the time can land you in a fashion holding pattern: your style stays the same and you miss out on the display of your genuine self.

If you have spent the last winter or longer buried underneath a cloak of denim then think about busting out with a spring/summer style sensibility that is super light on the jeans. Hint: Begin by going denim free for a week.

By banning the wearing of jeans altogether, even for a short time, you will be forced to explore more glamorous but just as comfortable options. Go beyond fashion magazines for inspiration, and think of ways to revisit your own style history for non-denim options that you’ve always loved, such as wearing long, slim-fitting skirts or, for men, linen trousers in a contemporary color and shape.

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