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How To Say No More

How to Say No More Often, with Ease and Compassion

No, Nein, Nej. Have a hard time saying No? Do you feel you need to say “No” more often?

Saying “No” can be excruciating, awkward and uncomfortable and all those things. It can be scary.

Here are ways to make saying “No” much easier. Automatic, even.

To say no with ease, you need to focus on the fundamental issue — not necessarily the words or tactics. These will come much easier once you understand and acknowledge the key issue: That you have the right to say No.

In this short video, I bust out communication tips to help you say No more often — and perhaps even “Hell, No!” — with ease, simplicity and dignity.

Once you get the fundamentals, you will become a pro in this area. And, in the interest of rational self preservation, you must.