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Nice New Minerals: Priori Perfecting Foundation

I’ve been on something of a new-product tear lately. Why? Maybe because spring is in the air. Maybe because there is just so much great stuff out there. Maybe because it’s my quasi-job.

priori perfecting foundation minerals review

I have found a new favorite mineral foundation: Priori.

I was introduced to the Priori brand at evolue, an eco-beauty boutique in Beverly Hills. Owner Jean Seo could stock a ton of products at her pretty store on Robertson Boulevard, yet it’s a minimalist space because she is very selective about the items she carries.

So if I see a product at her store, I know there must be something special about it.

I was talking to a girl in the store one evening. Her skin was so damn pretty that I had to ask what she was wearing on it. It happened to be Priori, which is the only loose mineral makeup they carry.

The Good:

Priori’s mineral makeup is like a siren’s call if you love the ease of application, coverage and no-feel of mineral makeup, but want to venture beyond bareMinerals. That is a brand I wore faithfully for a while, and still like, but over time found that the coverage could make my face look somewhat dry and not quite radiant. You too?


Priori’s Perfecting Foundation comes in Shades 1-6. I chose Shade 2, which works perfectly on my light skin.

If you have used other mineral foundations, you’ll find that application of Priori Foundation is identical. As in, tap some minerals onto the lid, swirl your kabuki brush in it. Tap to remove excess, and apply lightly.

Layer more product in areas where you want extra coverage.


Before + After photos taken in natural sunlight to give you an idea of Priori’s coverage. I applied a small amount of product, just enough to even the skin tone.


The wear is excellent. It’s matte, yes, and the look only seems to get better, meaning more radiant and like real skin, as the hours pass. No blotchiness or patches.

It is comfortable for long-wear. I have applied it early early in the day (like 6 am), and when I’ve gone to wash my face, say, 14 hours later, I have forgotten that I am wearing foundation. It just doesn’t feel like there’s anything on your face, even though your skin will look even and clear.

Not clingy. Washes off easily. And no clogging of colored “stuff” in the pores.

Priori has CoffeeBerry extract, which is apparently an anti-aging botanical that improves your skin. I can’t speak to this because I haven’t worn it regularly (as in every day) or for long enough to notice a significant, “Wow” type of improvement. However, there has been no drawbacks to wearing this makeup. That is high praise for a product that supplies a full day’s coverage, yet leaves nothing behind in the form of bumps, residue or clogged pores. And like other loose mineral makeup, it provides a natural sunscreen, in this case 25 SPF.

Bottom line: Priori Foundation is an ideal product for achieving natural-looking, everyday coverage.

The price is approximately $40 for a 14 gram container. bareMinerals Original Foundation is approximately $30 for an 8 gram container, so Priori is a rather good deal comparatively for what I feel is a better-quality product. Learn more at the Priori site.