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101 Ways To Wear A Scarf: Beach Glamour

Protect your fair self from sun damage to this most vulnerable area–which includes the neck, check and decolletage–with a scarf worn like this glamorous gal Gwen Stefani with the always gorgeous and unblemished porcelain skin.

  • Fold First. If the scarf is square: fold it in half so it’s triangle-shaped, and tie it behind your neck, arranging the bulk of the scarf so that it falls neatly over your neck and chest.
  • Loop and Cover. If the scarf is long and narrow: hold one end at the back of your neck, then loop the remainder of the scarf around your chest and neck in a spiral, making sure the fabric covers your skin evenly. Tie that end of the scarf to the end you are holding in your hand at the back of your neck.
  • Fabric Selection. Select a scarf made from solid material that will block the sun. Note Gwen’s black, cotton choice. If you use a light, gauzy scarf that the sun can penetrate through easily, do also apply some level of sun protection to the skin beneath.