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No Spackle, No Problem: A Bit O’ Color for Your Face


how to get a no makeup look

What can you wear on your face during a no-makeup getaway when you’d like to wear a little hint of something?

Like a beach or resort weekend, when you’ll be wearing a bathing suit from the moment you wake up until dinnertime, and maybe even then. Or on a hiking or surfing trip when the last thing you want to be sporting is a full face of makeup–or even a half- or quarter-face of the stuff. Just a spot of color here and there.

If you have a pot of loose minerals, mix your favorite shade with a bit of moisturizer or sunblock, and apply strategically. Curl your lashes and brush your brows.

Or buy pre-made color, like Pacifica’s Radiant Shimmer Coconut Multiples (approximately $15). I came across this product in a health-food grocery store, and have toted it with me on no-makeup-not-really trips to great effect and satisfaction. It’s essentially natural minerals (mica) in a sunflower seed oil base.


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When you feel like sporting a lighter look, makeup wise…


If you’re not completely comfortable with a barefaced, zero-zilch-makeup look, consider this trio of creamy natural minerals to be something along the lines of a training bra, makeup wise. You’ll get the confidence that comes with having a little something on, even if it’s not your usual full-blown repertoire.

The are three shades in this slim compact. Bronzed, the darkest; Island Rose, a medium pink and Moonlit, a pink-tinted shimmer that doesn’t look quite obvious.


pacifica coconut multiples minerals review


The wear is subtle and pretty, and you can mix and match colors to enhance specific points of your face. The feel is nonexistent, with no bumps, icks or bad byproducts to report, even when worn all day on a face full of sunblock. One that’s been from pool to indoors, and spent time lolling in a beach chair, too.

Pacifica’s Radiant Shimmer Coconut Multiples is very portable, and helps to keep your cosmetics bag on the slender side.


how to pack your cosmetic bag for the weekend

A small, strategic cosmetics bag is a nice thing to bring on vacation.


Application Tips:

Apply softly, and with clean fingers. There’s something about the warmth of your hands that makes the formulation soft and pliable. Plus, your fingers make the deftest blenders ever.

Cover your bare lips with a high SPF, waterproof sunblock. When it’s dried, look at the natural color of your lips. Touch a bit of color, you choose, to enhance your natural lip silhouette at specific points. A darker shade at the corners creates a full-lip look, so does a dab of shiny Moonlit at the center of the lower lip.

Dab a hint of Bronzed at the top curve of your cheekbones for overall face definition. Blend.

A light wash of Moonlit, the lightest, underneath the brow bone or at the inner corner of your eye to open the eyes.

Here is the list of ingredients for Pacifica’s Radiant Shimmer Coconut Multiples.

Pacifica's Radiant Shimmer Coconut Multiples ingredient list

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No makeup, no phone, no problem.