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Quick Waxing Tips

hair removal waxing tips


Did you know? Schedule your waxing appointments, the salon or at-home kind, every 3-4 weeks. Many people think that they should wait 5-6 weeks, until re-growth is complete for the best hair removal.

Tip. The problem is that it hurts more to remove hair when it’s longer, thicker. All the waxer, or you (if you’re a self-waxer) needs is enough length for the wax to adhere to, which is 1/8 inch long. No more.

A few more waxing tricks:

• If you regularly wax, the new batch of follicles will be slighter in density. This is a good thing, because lightweight hair is easier to remove, and less painful to wax away.

• Exfoliate the area faithfully in between waxes. Not just with a washcloth or loofah, either. You need detailing, so employ a granulated scrub and get down to business.

• Exfoliate a day before you wax. This will remove surface skin cells and prime the area for hair removal.

• Ingrown hair: another reason to exfoliate regularly. As your hair gets thinner, it becomes less able to grow clear of the hair line, particularly if dead skin cells have built up to squash it. This forces hair to bend under the surface of the skin, resulting in ingrown hairs.

• A note on pain. Breathe deeply and evenly while being waxed. Some people hold their breath because the pain can be stunning. But if you focus on your breath, it will keep you body calm and focus your mind as well.

• You can also think about how righteously smooth, hair-free and beautiful your skin is going to be in a matter of minutes. Now that should make you smile.

I typically keep a few on the fly waxing products on hand to deal with rogue hair that pops up in between waxing sessions, and recommend Nad’s Facial Wand and Nad’s Body Wax Strips for very hassle-free defuzzing. I also deal with hair removal pretty thoroughly in my book Practical Glamour.