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Viva La Glamour

In these modern times, there are few glamour girls to be found among the ranks of celebrity. (One must be dignified to also be glamorous. This criterion cancels out 96.5% of those on the radio, in tv/film or seen in magazines.)

Ah, Monica Bellucci. The rare glamour beacon among the famous. She is not just a competent actress; she has an elemental, earthy sexiness. That, in tandem with her elegance, makes her utterly glamorous.

So it’s not just her native beauty–it’s her bearing (in this case, her poise and authenticity) that makes her so lovely. It also makes it possible for her to appear nearly nude on a magazine cover and still be considered to play the film part of a saint.

Remember: true beauty, glamour, whatever you call it–it’s never just about how you look–it’s very much about how you act, how you move, how you speak.

And the man standing next to her has every reason in the world to beam. His wife is age 45 and 1 month prior to this picture had given birth to their 2nd child. That’s all.