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A Bandana To Rescue Your Roots

I was about to leave the house when I noticed a rather untoward part of my appearance: roots that were veering into noticeably greasy looking territory. If you, like me, notice that a day or two after shampooing you still have dry looking ends–but your scalp is starting to look a bit too moisturized–you have two options: Go wash your hair or somehow cover up the situation.

As I was not going to undress, shower, shampoo, condition, then dry my hair–and I was out of dry shampoo (which really is the preferred way to go)–I reached for a nice alternative in the form of a basic red bandana. Though neither a Blood nor a Crip, I chose a classic red one and affixed it like the gal to the left. Use a few bobby pins to keep the fabric from sliding out of place on your head.

That, a pair of silver hoop earrings and, if you’re feeling it, a nice red lipstick or russet lipstain, make for a very feminine and relaxed look. Perhaps that’s what the gal in the photo was thinking. Or the girl I saw who, at a red light, got out of the passenger side of a car and started dancing wildly to some song blaring on the radio. Now that is spontaneous glamour! Not to mention a good way to pass the time while waiting for the light to change.

PS. A basic bandana or scarf worn in the hair this way is also ideal for covering roots that don’t quite match the color of the rest of your hair. (That is, not until your stylist comes back to town.)