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Quick Tip: Smoothing Out a Bumpy Road


how to not get attached to stuff


There’s been something of a mass desire to have “balance” in our lives. To keep everything humming along. That’s not a bad thing. But…there’s always that chance it will all come to a halt tomorrow. Or today. Or 5 minutes ago.

A way to make this easier on yourself: Expect the unexpected.

Be sincerely ready with a: “Come on in. Let’s do this.” Or some variant, in your own words.

A friend told me about how a great opportunity came, and then ended. I said, “Aw. I’m sorry that happened.”

He said: “I’m not. I had fun and made money. It was a great experience.”

What a guy. What an attitude.

He told me how, nearly everyday, he thought about how the situation could end. And if it did, he asked himself: “Would I still be happy?”

He made sure the answer was “Yes.” He fortressed himself from attachment to this *thing* so when it went poof! in the night, he was okay. He didn’t love that it went away, but he was just fine—with it or without.

What does this mean for you? Get comfortable with a situation, but know you’ll be comfortable elsewhere, too.

This way, when the unknowable, unforeseen and not-planned-for happens, you’re not thrown off balance.

(I’m trying to do this.)