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Video: See a Zit Get Mauled by an Ice Cube

One of my all-time favorite natural skin tips: ice for acne. It kills the bacteria that causes those sexy zits. This DIY acne cure comes straight from the freezer, and works. (Which I think is nice.)

Skin Rx: Ice Your Acne


Applying ice to your face is one of the most effective and easy things you can do to kill acne. I heard about this from an aesthetician and a friend who was a patient of Dr. James Fulton (the co-creator of Retin-A and developer of Benzoyl Peroxide) who is considered something of the grand master of acne slaying.

To Do:

  • After cleansing your face in the morning and night, spread an ice cube lightly on your skin (or just the pimple-prone area) for approximately one minute.
  • Make sure you move the ice quickly around your skin lest you risk ‘burning’ your skin.
  • The ice takes down swelling, redness and inflammation and, for some, will shrink pores.
  • Do this consistently–morning and evening–day after day.
  • Let your face return to its natural temperature before resuming your normal beauty routine.