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Off-The-Grid Gift Wrap

One of my all time favorite jobs took place in college during Christmas break when I wrapped gifts at the mall. You name it, I wrapped it. I worked with a crew of very colorful girls who, when bored, would think up creative ways to wrap gifts.  I got in on the act and pretty soon we had formulated a slew of wrapping scenarios that beat the hell out of the stock candy cane or Christmas bell prints we had on hand. Or even the eggshell blue paper with tiny dreidels on it.

Here are a few favorites from this and other times to help make wrapping a more perky affair:

*Completely random boxes. For fun friends only: A diamond bracelet discovered tucked in a box of tampons made the room erupt into a giggle fest. (It was a girls-only situation.) A beautiful silk shirt folded neatly in a cardboard cornflake box. Just don’t reverse the situation; I don’t think your girlfriend will appreciate a pair of socks placed in a Tiffany’s box.

*Butcher’s paper. Use a simple watercolor set to personalize the paper (paint a poem, message, design or picture) or leave it plain and tie with a colorful cloth ribbon. Tuck a small sprig of flowers, dried or not, under the knot.

*Use oversized photographs or sheets of color copies that show a favorite shot. An actor friend with a few hundred or so extra headshots used them to wrap smaller boxes. Lucky for me,  otherwise I would never have known who gave me those crazy earrings!

*Go to the coolest thrift shop in town and see if they have any rolls of ancient, unused wrapping paper that is otherwise in good condition. It’s hard to miss the gift neatly wrapped in a 70’s psychedelic swirl or Starsky & Hutch print. Wall paper works, as well.

*Hardcover book covers. Make sure they are clean and cool-looking. Use tape to secure the covers together in a single sheet. (Tape the not-visible side of the cover.)

*Sheet music. The older the better.

*Aluminum foil. This can look cool particularly in a pinch, provided the foil is smooth and unfurled and you top it off with a big luxurious bow.

*Fabric: lush but pliable velvets and brocades are excellent fabrics to wrap gifts in. Find in fabric stores. Affix with a bow in a contrasting color, such as a satin ivory bow against a midnight blue velvet fabric. Or extend the fabric and knot in a neat bow at the top of the gift. (This works best if you’re using lightweight fabric, such as a scarf, to wrap the gift.)

*Instead of tape, use drops of sealing wax to bond edges of wrapping paper together.

Technique: Whichever way you wrap, traditional or unusual, remember that the look of the finished product is all in the details. So focus, take your time and use care while wrapping so you present a gift that looks neat, sleek and completely buttoned-up.