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How To Go Shopping in Your Closet


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There a bit of retail trickery that I like to apply to my closet. And it always works. I simply move stuff around to see it new eyes.

With this little trick I discover treasures that were hidden from sight, or just see ordinary objects that have been hanging around forever in a new light. I recently became acquainted with a fabulous violet BCBG dress with strategic ruching on the side—don’t they all seem to have this lately?—that can be rolled up in a weekend bag and unfurled for an Olympic night of dancing and champagne drinking. It was hidden in the closet between two other dresses. A pair of chinos that were hemmed the perfect length—above the ankles and worn with flats—but forgotten because they were camoflouged in the closet among other ligh-colored pants. I could go on but you get the picture.

When I worked at a very cool boutique eons ago we used this strategy on items that were not selling well. We simply moved them from their back shelves to better real estate out front. Assuming that flowery frock that fit like a dream was priced correctly, in no time we would sell out. Even regular customers would comment on how great some item was after it was put in the front of the store. It had been hanging around forever, but no one ever noticed it.


You wearing something fabulous that you forget you owned

So back to you and your clothes. The problem is not that you have nothing to wear. It’s probably an issue of having more than you know. Which is really not a bad problem to have. I don’t even think it qualifies as a problem, come to think of it.

I’m confident that it’s high time you went through your closet and conducted a merciless removal of items that are dead weight, meaning items that should not be hanging around you due to their color, cut, characteristic or quality. (For more on the subject, watch this or read this or this.) However, you probably own many more perfectly usable, workable or even wonderful clothes than you think.

Even if your closet is supremely health, meaning everything fits you, looks great, is in good condition, makes you feel great and helps you say something to others about who you are (aka, your personal style brand), some of your clothes, shoes and accessories might not be getting enough prime time.

They are not being enjoyed by you, meaning, worn by you, because you forget they exist.

  • If you organize your items by type (slacks, shirts, jackets, skirts, etc) then reverse or mix up their order. Put your shirts on the left side of the closet if they are usually on the right, for instance. And if you organize by color, do the same.
  • If you want to go further, play stylist and put together two to three fabulous ensembles made up of items you usually do not wear together. Go beyond basic color matching and mix textures and prints. Go high-low by pairing an alluring t-shirt (you know, one that looks particularly fetching on you) with a smart little jacket. Throw in a scarf.

I’ll stop here and advise you to go do something radical: move your clothes around to see them with new eyes. It’s like getting new clothes without leaving the house. So happy shopping!