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How to Pick Out the Best Scarf for You

About 50 years ago, scarves were ubiquitous on the heads of the female populace. And with good reason. A scarf positioned smartly in the hair sounds an instant note of femininity. If selected with adequate thought to your most flattering colors and unique style, a scarf also enhances the color of your hair, and transmits characteristics your personal style. Trendiness. Vivacity. Elegance.

When it comes to selecting a scarf, do not skimp in the quality or style department.
Two scarf musts:

A. The colors must flatter the tones of your hair.
B. The quality must be excellent to superb.


How To Pick the Best Color Scarf for Your Hair


Color. Like the approach to pairing wine and food, select scarf colors that either contrast with or complement the tones in your hair.

Complementary colors are those that match, emphasize and enhance hair tones that you wish to play up. For instance:

  • Warm chestnut highlights are enhanced by a scarf containing gold, yellow or copper brown.
  • Warm red tones and golden blondes are enhanced via a scarf with warm peach, yellow and pink tones.
  • Cool blonde hair shades, on the other hand, are enhanced by icy blues, pinks and green.
  • Dark, cool-tone red shades, such as burgundy, are complemented by a scarf that contains even deeper, cool-based shades of purple, blue and green.
  • The gloss and mystery of black hair is enhanced with jewel tones and shiny finishes. Think deep, royal colors such as china blue or deep plum. Select fabrics with gloss and shimmer, such as leather or those with a metallic weave or finish.

Contrasting colors are those that don’t meld in with the tones in your hair. Far from being at odds or clashing, though, they are more dramatic than complementary colors, and just as flattering.

To create contrast, select a light-colored scarf to be worn against dark-tone hair. Vice versa for light-colored hair. For instance:

  • Blonde hair stands out beautifully against the contrast of an elegant black silk scarf.
  • A shawl of ebony hair looks elegant and dramatic set against a scarf with a royal blue-on-cream pattern, or a block pattern of bold pastels.
  • Light to medium tones of brown look lovely against the contrast of a winter white or cream scarf.
  • Bold red hair is heightened by a scarf of bright jade green, icy pale blue or ivory.

How to Recognize Excellent Quality in a Scarf


Quality. A high-quality scarf announces itself with fine fabric, glorious colors and intricate patterns. If you want to train your eye in this regard, visit a Hermes or Burberry store. Or, visit a local department store and hunt down the best scarves in the house. Feel the material. Examine the edges of the scarf. Luxury-tier silk scarves typically feature a hand-finished rolled edge. Note the quality of the stitching.

Knowing this difference between a fantastic scarf and a pedestrian-quality one will help greatly when it comes to selecting scarves in off-the-beaten path places. (Many beautiful scarves from the past survive in quality vintage and consignment shops.) Also, being savvy about scarf quality will help you to spot the fake designer scarves from the real deal.

When you acquire a beautiful scarf, right in color and quality, treat it well. Dry clean it. Hang or fold it carefully and store it properly.

How To Keep a Scarf From Sliding Off Your Head

Silken scarves have a habit of sliding from the hair. Before tying a scarf in the hair, affix a stay-put headband in the hair to keep the scarf in place. The Goody Stayput Headband does the trick. It features plastic nubs along each side to grip material.