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Easy Saturday Morning Scarf Style


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Being an evangelist for easy glamour means that whenever I find a quick way to get out of the front door while looking reasonably pulled together, I like to pass it along. I like wearing scarves because they are a simple way to contain hair and show some individuality while doing so. They are also eternally feminine and always available at better consignment shops and flea markets, no matter if you are in Rome or Rochester, New York.

It usually takes some experimenting to find your best scarf style, meaning the way to arrange a scarf in your hair so it’s not annoying and looks quite nice.


Pantech 2013 June 1521


The steps to a Simple Saturday Scarf Updo, as seen in the photo above:

  • pull hair back in a high ponytail
  • smooth back stray hairs around the face
  • place a non-slip hairband around head; what you want is a band with nubs or sticky material to grip the scarf material and keep it from slipping oh-so annoyingly off your head
  • cover with a fabulous scarf; bet on a silk vintage scarf
  • knot firmly, arrange tail of scarf attractively on neck
  • arrange bun as you wish, neat or mussed

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