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Doing The Gadget Dance…Beautifully

iVolution Stripes leather iPhone case by Vaja ($120)

We as a people are glued to our gadgets in varying degrees. And we each range in our ability to comfortably carry and use them while going about our daily lives. I know that I can get snippity, and quick, when I have to bumble around for my laptop, phone or whatever that thing is that I am obsessively carrying around with me everywhere.

When asked recently by Law Technology News (talk about glamour in not-so-expected places!) on ways to look smooth while doing so in a professional setting, I inputted that it’s important to a.) not carry around a mess of gadgets, b) keep them in the same place, so you can smoothly whip ’em out when needed, and c.) know how each gadget works, all in the name of achieving “gesture proficiency.”

“Your BlackBerry, let’s say, is always in your left-inside jacket pocket,” Dunn says, adding that there’s no hard and fast rule as to where to place each device, as long as each location is comfortable and easily reachable for smooth access. “It’s almost like law enforcement, where it’s key to have firearms, handcuffs, and other things in their own set places,” she says.”


Ipad Cover by Vaja (approximately $200)

Article author John Edwards smartly points out that it’s in an attorney’s best interest to invest in a quality case. Advice that I “hear, hear” and extend to all gadget carriers: Don’t bother with the $10 cover from the mall; save your sous or Euros or pennies and get a really beautiful case that will last and last–and make you want to kiss it each time you pull it out. So far, I like Tumi and Vaja for their luxury/value intersection.

So, whether a lawyer or a glamourpuss or some lethal combination of the two, you’ll no doubt benefit from this article, which contains some smart ideas from various image consultants, and can be read in full here.