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Cool + Quick Wine Cocktail Solution: Bubbly Sangria Plus

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Let’s say you’re headed to a get-together that involves buddies, booze and laughter—but it happens to fall on the eve before something important, like a day in your life.

If you want to join the festivities, drinks wise, without dry heaving your way to work the next day, arm yourself with this little bubbly sangria spritzer recipe. It will help you stay reasonably sober while being darn festive.

It’s very easy to pull together with just a few ingredients from your local grocery store. As in, pick up two, three things tops, and you’re golden.


yellow tail sangria recipe easy


  • First Step: Fill 2/3 of a glass or pitcher with pre-made sangria

Pulling together a batch of sangria is hardly rocket science, but hey, this recipe is all about ease. I like Yellow Tail Sangria because the taste is fruit-packed and punchy. Plus it’s pretty, a deep ruby,  and easy to find. (A 750-ml bottle is around $5 at grocery store chains and wine shops. I’ve even found it in a drugstore!)

  • Second Step: Fill 1/3 of glass or pitcher with bubbles

Either or seltzer or club soda works fine. The difference? Both are carbonated, but club soda has an extra zip in its taste.

If you want to kick up the festivities a notch, go for sparkling wine or champagne. Select the driest type (extra dry or brut) to minimize the sugar hit.

  • Third Step: Garnish with fruit


Keep it easy. Grab a bunch o’ grapes and toss them in. Pour in a cup or two of frozen blueberries and strawberries to brighten up things up. Frozen pineapple chunks do double duty as ice cubes and future snacks; after your cocktail is kaput, you can fish out those spongy little sangria-soaked chunks of goodness and eat them.

Finally, this tastes best over ice. Since this is warm-weather cocktail is fairly low in alcohol, an added plus of serving over ice is that, as it melts, it will dilute the drink and with it, the liquor content.

So there you have it. Enjoy!

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Less time making stuff means more time to mingle!