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Practical Glamour Productivity Tip #504


face_mask_at_home When you have to complete some monotonous household task, such as dusting or rearranging your bookshelf or something along those lines, advance your skin maintenance by masking at the same time.

Pile your hair up and away from your face and wear a shirt that exposes your neck and upper chest, such as a bustier or strapless something or other. I refuse to officially recommend in print that you wear a “tube top,” but you get the idea. Cleanse your face and apply your favorite mask, including your neck and upper chest in the application. Let it dry thoroughly while you go about your task.

For the males in the audience: Face masks offer great benefits to all skin, regardless of sex. As a man you will benefit from a mask just as much as a female, and you don’t even have to tell anyone. In particular, if you are a male with oily skin, a dedicated weekly masking will deep cleanse and refine the look of your pores significantly. Just ignore the tube top part of the instructions. Great skin is such an asset to a man’s presentation, particularly since he cannot duck under a veil of cosmetics like the fairer sex.