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Keeping Your Lips In Keen Condition


When it comes to center-stage facial traits, your lips probably play second fiddle only to your eyes. Chapped, dry and otherwise unwelcoming lips are often the result of poor habits, such as smoking, lack of hydration or proper nutrition. Another culprit is exposure to the elements, particularly during cold, windy and rainy months.

While only you know what you need to do to correct the poor-habits issue, the second one can be offset by a bit o’ lip maintenance. To that end, here are some tips:

  • Cover. Always protect your lips while outside. Use a lip protectant that provides a physical block in the form of rich, natural moisturizers as well as a sunscreen element. I find the best ones at the health food store.
  • Hydration Nation. Double up on moisture when inside: drink plenty of water to keep the body hydrated.
  • Massage. Rub an absorbent moisturizer into the lips at night before bed. Spend a minute or two softly massaging and relaxing the skin and muscles of your lips and their surrounding areas, particularly at the corners of the mouth.
  • Vitamin E. An excellent natural lip moisturizer is Vitamin E. Split open a capsule of the stuff (buy natural E, not the synthentic type) and massage it onto freshly cleansed lips. Use the excess as an eyelash and eye-area moisturizer.
  • Relax. During the day, do whatever you can in your earthly powers to keep from pursing or crinkling up your lips on any kind of an ongoing or sustained basis. If you’re not convinced of the outcome of this habit, look at the mouth of a guy or gal who has spent the last few decades sucking on a Kool.
  • No Lipstick Zone. Gals or Others Who Wear Lipstick: remove every trace of it before going to bed.
  • Exfoliate. Regularly eradicate the dead cells that build up and cause chapping and flaking with the help of a super-soft toothbrush or washcloth. Be very gentle, and use the brush or cloth to exfoliate lips when your skin is moist, such as right after taking a shower. After you are finished, remove all traces of dead skin from the area and follow up with an application of moisturizer.

Keep Your Lips Lovely

lip care Maintain the beauty of this very visible (and vulnerable) part of your beauty canvas by a consistent regimen of protection and care.


  • Use a high-SPF sunblock daily, either in the form of lip balm or sunblock formulated for the face. (Go to the health food store for this one.) Keep it with you and reapply to your lips throughout the day as needed.
  • Massage a rich, quality moisturizer into the lips nightly. Use light strokes, making sure the product is well absorbed–note that the skin that covers your lips is thinner than that which covers the rest of your face, so be oh-so-super gentle.
  • As needed, slough off dead skin cells from your lips to keep them soft and lovely. This can be done via the use of a mild scrub or manually with a washcloth, loofah or the bristles of an extra-soft toothbrush.
  • The state of your health is reflected in the condition of your beauty canvas, including your nails, skin, hair and even your lips. Pale-colored lips, for instance, are often due to a lack of iron. If needed, supplement your diet with a daily multi-vitamin and mineral formula. Look for one that contains antioxidant heroes vitamins A, E and C.
  • Intake an adequate amount of fluid on a daily basis. A dehydrated system is evident in dry, chapped lips.
  • Be conscious of your lip movements, such as persistent clenching or tensing, which can speed the onset of wrinkles. Notice, for example, the pronounced purse lines along the upper lip of a longtime cigarette smoker.
  • And lastly: kiss someone who is nice, and do so gently, deeply and often.