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Why You Need An Anti Wrinkle Pillow Case, Tonight

I came across an unusual score in an antique store in Lexington recently. Though containing more vintage items than actual antiques (which seem like they should have origins earlier than the 1950s), the store had a bundle of unopened, never-used pillow covers meant to protect one’s coiffure and face from unhelpful night maneuvers. In modern speak they’re called anti wrinkle pillow cases.


How An Anti-Wrinkle Pillow Case Keeps You Beautiful


These are hard to come by these days, but these cheerful pastel pillowcases (usually made of silk and/or polyester) still serve a valuable purpose: providing a surface so soft and silky, that, when sleeping, one’s face will slide free from a scrunched-up pose.

The alternate is that this pro-wrinkle pose is held in place all night with a pillowcase of rougher material. And we have all seen the results of this in the morning when a sleep-wrinkled, creased face gazes back at us in the mirror

Similar for hair, as the silken pillow cover allows hair to spill and slide—not grab or frizz—thus extending the niceties of a high-styled hair design, such as an up-do or glassy blowout.

Do amend your beauty storehouse with several of these, and get in the habit of using them nightly. If you cannot find “anti aging” or anti-wrinkle pillow cases, do purchase the most silky, slippery and sexy feeling one you can get your hands on.

General skin care tip: Swap your pillow case every few days with a fresh one, particularly if your skin is oily or acne-prone.