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The Glamour Of Less Junk In Your Mailbox

Unwanted catalogues and envelopes offering you junk you don’t need, stuffing up your mailbox and heaping more volume on the daily armload of stuff that you haul into your home each day is far from glamorous.

Plus, opening envelopes can be hell on nails. Oh, and perusing some glossy unrequested catalogue packed with gorgeous resort wear shot in some splashy locale is way too tempting an activity to engage in, financially speaking, on some dark and snowy Monday evening in January.

Reduce this daily bulk by contacting the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), where you can specify specific companies that you do not wish to receive direct mail from, or opt-out from all member companies with one-click. You can do this for catalogues, credit offers, magazine offers and “other mail offers.” Note that this opt-out will only be effective for those marketers that are members of the DMA.

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