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Why This Was an Excellent Idea — The Beauty of Super-Short Hair

Going short, this short, after eons with big, bouncy golden hair must have been hard. As in, a brand new identity hard. We are often described, at least superficially, by their hair. The girl with the really long, black straight hair. The chick with the frizzy blond hair. The curly redhead. And so on.

And we get used to our hair. It’s personal. The feel of its weight on our head, brushing through it at night and seeing it in our reflection a gazillion times a day. Getting rid of a few inches is fine. But many, many inches? Now that is an adjustment. I remember waking up the day after getting something of a serious buzz cut, putting my head to my barely there hair and thinking for a full minute that I was still dreaming.



Given that Pamela Anderson’s public brand has been that of the sexpot with the big blond hair for a couple of decades now, this pixie cut move represents a smart re-working of her image. Losing the hair gives her a sharper, more au courant look. Personally, I love it.

Here’s what makes super-short hair work beautifully:

●Like wearing a certain type of hat, super-short hair draws you into a woman’s face. So it helps to have strong, symmetrical features. Pamela Anderson has them in spades, and the spiky element of the cut acts works as a visual contrast that adds angularity and a certain perkiness to her face.

●Short hair can offset super-sexy dressing. You can get away with showing a lot more skin when you sport super-short hair. Long, swirling locks atop a sexy outfit can lead to overkill, since they’re such a strong signifier of the feminine. Halle Berry’s groovy pixie cut atop her fabulous figure has much to do with her brand of modern, respectable sexiness.

●The face again. With super-short hair, makeup becomes a different matter. Long hair, in some ways, is like a beauty crutch. Cutting it off is like removing the thick, decorative frame that surrounds a picture. What do you have left? Mainly the picture.

●I had that buzz-cut short style for a few years, and rarely went without at least a smidgen of makeup. Otherwise, the look was too stark for my liking and I kind of looked like a little dude. Though a bottle of shampoo did last forever and I could stick my tongue out while skipping past the bottles of conditioner that I now worship. Makeup wise, short-hair means you have to be more precise, blend like the Devil, soften up colors for day and also, you can have more fun. A blazing red lip looks chic, never tarty. And big, fabulous cat eyes? Meow. I mean, Yes.


Pam Anderson Looks Like Jean Sebring

Final note: Pamela Anderson’s pixie cut gives her a look that reminds me of Jean Seberg in Breathless. This is a film from 1960, directed by Jean-Luc Godard, written by François Truffaut and shot in the streets of Paris with a handheld camera. Which means that if you went to film school for even two days, you absolutely saw this film a bunch of times.