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The Glamour Of The List

list making

There are many, many reasons to love the list. Lists made by hand, by your hand ideally, are oh-so effective, much more so than the computer or mental type because creating a list on paper:

  • requires a mental review of the task at hand (you need to break down and think about the steps that need to happen in order to realize the larger goal)
  • helps you focus and feel more in control of individual tasks and the larger goal at hand
  • forces you to break down each task into manageable or reality-based bites (it would be hard to, with a straight face, put down on paper a task like “buy a new house” without breaking it down into starter tasks like “determine mortgage amount I will need,””decide which neighborhoods to look for houses,” and so on
  • keeps the goal in your face (or on your desk), forcing a higher level of accountability and check-in than with other list-making methods, such as your eternal mind list
  • crossing off tasks from your paper list creates a tangible, physical act that creates a strong reward system

In short, creating a list on paper brings on your best thinking about ways you can make your life better.

To this point, NYC glamour girl, senior health producer at and listmeister extraordinaire Paula Rizzo has done much of the legwork for us in by providing us with a slew of list making tips at her site The List Producer, from the hows and whys of a travel list, moving list, a grocery list (no more rotting food in your kitchen!), and more.

If you’re not a list maker, but are curious about the fantastic claims of list makers, like lists can save you time and money, minimize basic life annoyance and task redundancy, then I dare thee to pick up a pad of paper of a suitable size and weight, think of a singular task and go ahead–break it down into small and easy and completely do-able steps to take you to the glorious finish line.

Did you know? Ms. Rizzo writes that President Reagan was a list maker who  jotted down his favorite quotes, jokes and proverbs on 4-by-6 index cards, one of which was: “Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.”

Here, here. And Happy Friday.