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Luka Mineral Cosmetics: Pucker Up

Whenever I see my friend Katharine I find myself staring at her lips. Granted she’s a lovely looking girl, but her lips always seem to have this ethereal looking and lovely glow to them. Moisturized but not gloppy; tinted but not painted.

Luka Mineral's Healthy Flush

I have finally figured out that it’s her lipgloss. Really, hers. She is founder of the fast-growing Luka Mineral Cosmetics company and her Pucker Up Lipgloss ($20) is a treat. As an ardent enthusiast of lip color–my purse contains as many as 5 tubes at a time–Pucker Up is notable for two things: fantastic ingredients (including shea butter and jojoba oil) and some very subtle, come-hither shades. Methinks Healthy Flush, pictured here, is a winner.