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Warm or Cool? Which Colors Are Best for Your Skin Color?

To get a freshen-up on what hair shades suit you best, here is a helpful infographic by online beauty retailers Beauty Bridge.


Guy or girl, before you buy another tie, another lip shade or even a T-shirt, take a moment and reflect on what colors work best for your unique hair, skin and eye combination. There are specific colors that will always suit you best, and others that you should pass on by, even if you like them on an aesthetic level.

I love a strong turquoise blue, for instance. There is something about the color that I find uplifting, but I wouldn’t buy personal items in turquoise, because the color is too intense, too yellow-based for my overall coloring.

Note that the infographic above begins by asking whether your skin tone is warm or cool. This is key. If you’ve never been sure, this is fairly easy to do with the following:

  • One sheet of plain gold wrapping or wallpaper, and one sheet of plain silver wrapping or wallpaper


  • Two towels: One in pure white with no yellow undertones; one in ivory, which is a yellowish-white

Place the paper or towels directly around your face—one first, then the other—and gauge the overall effect of each shade.

white versus ivory
Extreme in contrast: (Left) A deep ivory. (Right) Pure white. Which is best for you?

Determine which is most flattering to your unique hair, skin and eye combo. Pure white looks best? This indicates that your skin tone is on the cooler end of the spectrum. If ivory looks best, this indicates that your skin tone is on the warmer end of the spectrum.

Over time, as you pay close attention to colors, shades and intensities, you will begin to instantly recognize those which flatter you most. This means you’ll make quicker decisions while shopping, and better decisions, with no costly closet mistakes.

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