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Easy At-Home Eye De-Puffer

I learned about this great (natural!) eye de-puffer from skin expert and author Melanie Vasseur:

  • Steep 2-3 chamomile tea bags in a half cup of hot water.
  • Place the tea bags in the freezer for approximately 20 minutes.
  • Apply the tea bags to the eye area and lie down.

The cool temperature and the herbs will reduce swelling. Also, Melanie reminds us that intaking too much sodium and alcohol will add to puffiness under the eyes. So no drinking or huge orders of salty french fries the night before an important event. (No matter how much you’re freaking out!)

Quick tip: Store your eye products (creams, etc) in the refrigerator if puffiness is an ongoing issue. When applied, the cool temperature of the products will restrict the blood vessels and reduce puffiness.

Melanie Vasseur has a skin care line called Vasseur Skincare, focused on natural and fresh ingredients, as well as a spa with a special focus area on treating acne, in the Banker’s Hill section of San Diego.