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Think, Dress & Grow Warm

Juno Beach, Florida - February 2011

As a raucous winter storm is a-brewing for the Midwest and Northeast, it helps to remember that when interacting in a freezing world, “Think yourself warm” can be a powerful link to keep a positive mindset and a limber body. Did you know that by simply creating imagery in your mind of your body at a comfortable temperature you can feel more fluid and relaxed in the bitter cold than when clenched against it beneath a bundle of clothes?

While the power of the mind is profound in feeling and looking one’s best, it’s a strategy best used in tandem with a smart-looking winter wardrobe. Consider the following when piecing together your most attractive storm-ready ensembles:

*Think Functionable & Flattering. Fewer things are more dreary from a glamour perspective than having your figure covered up a la mummy for months at a time. A sassy winter look is tights worn under a clingy knit dress, suede or leather skirt or even winter shorts. Select wool tights that are tightly knit, so you stay warm while maintaining the profile of your legs. Likewise, select shorts that are clearly of the dress variety and meant for cold weather. Usually these are found in heavy fabric, dark colors and lined.

Select tights and shorts (or dress or skirt) in matching or complementary  dark shades. Black is always a cold-weather winner, along with grey. Silver-grey shades like pewter or gun metal are nice and upbeat in a cold-weather way, particularly when worn against winter white or cream.

*Power of Proportion. Consider your physical size in relation to winter-weather gear, and choose items that scale nicely with your overall frame. No stomping about in ski boots and a puffed-up coat if you’re uber petite, or mini-me hats and scarves if your build is on larger side.

Twiggy with a modern, circa 1960's, take on the 1920's cloche hat

*Quality counts. Invest in the good stuff. In winter months, more than ever, purchasing quality items is important. For one thing, such items last longer, making them a better investment than wear-it-for-one-season-because-it-won’t-last-for-two items. Also, quality cold-weather items tend to contain sophisticated insulation and finer-woven fabrics, making them a better defense against the elements.

*Engage winter trends selectively. Yes, platform heels and knee-high boots are the rage this season, but they won’t do much for you if you toddle about uncomfortably in them. Find–and stick with–that sweet spot between practicality, warmth and your own personal style.

*Add your charm. Speaking of personal style, don’t forget yours in the gnarly weather. Add a touch of ye to your winter wardrobe via cold-weather accouterments like hats, scarves and gloves. A pair of gloves in sleek patent leather to match your handbag, for instance. A leopard scarf and muffler set, or a vintage wool cloche hat worn beneath a tumble of curls and beautiful bright lips. What storm?