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Cotton Swabs To The Rescue

cotton swab duo tip

Each of us has our required purse stash–the set of grooming items that must come with us no matter where we go. What is in yours? Comb? Fragrance? Hand lotion? Lipgloss in Mild Mulberry? Oil-blotting sheets? Toothpick? Concealer pen in green? None of the above?

By the way, I always thought this would make a perfect “Just how well do you know so-and-so?” question.

Well, after hand lotion (the world does not seem right unless there is a small container of the stuff in my purse or somewhere in the car) I vote for the cotton swab.This is a top-tier purse essential due to its supreme beauty functionality. It is the best all-around tool for quickly and accurately undoing the oops’ that just seem to spontaneously happen to the made-up face: blending in over-the-border, brightly colored lip liner, gathering up stray eye makeup (mascara flakes, for instance), removing lipstick from a tooth, softening a too-harsh line of color around the eye, erasing a  foundation crease, dabbing away sediment from the inner corner of the eye–the face saves of the cotton swab are many.

Adding cotton swabs to your purse stash is a good idea, particularly as they offer a gentler, more hygenic and accurate alternative to fixing the face than one’s hands, nails or a stray tissue grabbed from somewhere.

  • Q-tips come in purse packs, but these tend to be kind of bulky, particularly if you carry an on-the-small-side purse. Alternately you can also just stick a few in a tiny resealable plastic bag and be on your merry way. (I love those packets sometimes found in hotel toiletry sets.)
cotton swab_point tip

Pointy Tip Cotton Swab

  • For some, the standard cotton swab tip is too bulky. If you need a different silhouette, try a pointy tip swab or a flat, paddle-tip swab.
  • Studio Basics and Victoria Vogue are two solid cosmetic-accessory companies that produce these variations, along with a pointy tip/flat tip combo swab.
  • Whichever type you use, select the all-cotton variety over synthetic blends.
cotton swab_flat_paddle_shape

Flat paddle-tip cotton swab

  • Also, be gentle when using cotton swabs on the face. Be even more gentle than usual around the eye area.

Did you know? Q-tips were created in the 1920’s by a man, Leo Gerstenzang, who got the idea from watching his wife affix cotton balls to toothpicks. His company marketed the first Q-tips as Baby Gays.