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The 3Cs of Successful Clothes Shopping

I’ve finally decided to get with the program a bit and post more videos…I love the camera but I’m a writer by trade, so there’s my bias. But hey, you don’t have all days to read a treatise on how to manage perspiration or how to escort a lady into a room, so here’s a quick (under 2 minutes, can you believe it?) video on the 3Cs of How to Not Waste Your Money at the Mall. Or something really close to that.


Learn What You Like By Looking

If, in the course of your everyday life, you spot someone who is particularly eye-catching, deconstruct them for a moment to discover why. (Note: For this on-the-street study to be its most successful, you must get specific.)

Perhaps their clothes are interesting, beautifully cut or suit their figure particularly well. Or the colors of their garments, or makeup or accessories, lift and accentuate the best of their hair, skin and eye shades. Maybe it’s their smile, strut or speech that gives off such an appealing vibe. In many cases it will be a bit of all of these things.

Conversely, when you see someone who has missed the mark in a big way, try to suss out why. Much of the time it has to do with an unkempt appearance or clothes that hinder rather than help one’s personal image or silhouette. Poor posture is an instant glamour-smotherer as well.