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Quickie Q&A: Excellent Tie Tips with Omar Sayyed



I’ve been wanting to write about ties for a while.

They are a fairly vital part of a man’s style arsenal. A tie can pull together a man’s look (or not), plus transmit his personal style sensibility in an instant. The location of the tie, on the heart of the body and close to the face, makes it an accoutrement that every man should put some thought into.

Even the man who purports to hate ties and dressing up and all that stuff should know he’ll be wearing a tie on some fairly key occasions in life…perhaps at his prom, wedding, while doing grown-up work stuff and, um, at a funeral. And that’s the short list of occasions where a man really should sport a tie.

omar sayyed of

Omar Sayyed, President and COO of


Omar Sayyed is President and COO of He spends much of his walking hours curating lines for the upcoming season as well as developing new lines of products, like wood tie bars, which have been a big seller at his company.

He was very kind to offer some serious tie expertise to Practical Glamour.  Whether you are a guy (I’m finding there are a lot of you visiting this site these days), or a lady who wants to help her guy look his most excellent, read on for Omar’s advice.






Constance: Skinny, regular or bow-tie. How does a man know which silhouette is best for him?

Omar Sayyed: Generally speaking a more slender guy should wear a skinny tie or bow tie. If you’re a little heavy up top or your have a larger body frame stick to the classic regular tie.

A bow tie is for everyone. We’ve seen a huge resurgence of men buying bow ties. Bow ties have the same popularity has ties in many parts of the country. No one should really limit themselves based on their silhouette, but rather with what looks good with your outfit.

Bow tie seersucker

A bow tie is for everyone.”~Omar Sayyed,


Constance: I love that offers a cornucopia of ties in nearly any imaginable color, texture and silhouette. And the prices are very modest. What do you say to the guy who is used to spending more on a tie?

In other words, tell me about quality at

Omar Sayyed: We have been in the necktie business for well over 12 years now and we design and manufacture all of our ties in-house. Our quality is the best in the industry.

When we opened our doors, we wanted to offer a simple way for men to shop for neckties, bow ties and other fashion accessories. Along the way, we figured we could manufacture our products ourselves and pass on the savings. If you’re used to paying more, I urge you to at least give us a try once.

If you don’t like our products or think you’re still better off paying $50 – $90 at your local store, we’ll refund you’re money. We spend a great deal of time thinking of our production procedures and we’ve looked at how some name brands produce theirs and I can attest that each time you compare our products to a competitor, you will realize how much better our products, packaging and delivery really is.



pocket-square tips for wearing


Constance: Unlike women, men have a limited repertoire of garments at their style disposal (think slacks, blazer, shirt). I think ties are a great way for a man to bust out some individual style.

Omar Sayyed: I agree. Women are always accessorizing and putting the final touches on their outfits. In the last two years, men have began to do this as well.

Besides a necktie or a bow tie to finish you’re look, you can add a tie bar or a pocket square. Soon we will start carrying lapel flowers which is also a great way to finish off a menswear look.


What is a tie bar?


Constance: What is a safe choice, tie wise, for the traditional office guy who is looking to bring a bit of personality and color to his everyday slacks and button-up combo?

Omar Sayyed: So all men should really carry a black silk tie. I carry one in my car, when I travel, and of course at my desk. The black necktie is to a man as a black dress is to a woman.

Since you asked what is an essential tie that will help bring a bit of personality, I would say try the Jefferson Skinny Tie. This tie adds a perfect pinch of color but still has a lot of modesty to it without being extremely loud.

The Jefferson Skinny Tie

I will finish by saying that you can really rock a black tie almost any day of the week with the right blazer. I find that I go to my black skinny silk tie at least twice a month. For a man that has more than 400 ties, that’s saying a lot.



Looking Cool In Hot Weather, Being Yourself And Albedo! Q&A with Meteorologist AJ Colby

Who is AJ Colby? Why, he’s the on-air meteorologist for FOX 8 in Cleveland, Ohio, and someone who knows something about the weather and personal presentation. I recently got to ask Mr. Colby some questions about the sun, looking nice in the heat and staying cool when the cameras are a-rolling.

aj colby

Meteorologist AJ Colby

The sun can be really detrimental to one’s skin, so I always advise men and women to be sunscreen addicts, and apply the stuff daily. Is there any truth to the rumor that you don’t need to wear sunscreen on overcast days or during the winter? 

There is no such thing as a “sunless day”. UVA and UVB rays still penetrate clouds and can damage the skin. On cloudy days, although you may not burn as quickly per se, applying the sunscreen anyway would be a good idea if your aim is to prevent skin aging! The sun, not time, is our skin’s greatest adversary. While time causes chronological aging, the sun causes “photo-aging”.

In the winter, especially over a snow-packed surface, the high reflection properties of the snow (also know as “albedo”) can absolutely lead to a sunburn. Just ask any avid winter-weather enthusiast what happens if they “play outside” on a sunny day over a fresh snowpack. Sunscreen is essential anytime you’re outside during the day, especially between 10 am and 3 pm. This is when the sun’s energy is at its strongest here on earth.

What is a good weather style tip for men when it comes to looking collected and put-together in hot or humid weather? 

There’s nothing more annoying than sweating like a pig on a hot, humid, sunny summer day, especially prevalent during the “Dog Days” of summer! That’s the period from July through early August where heat and humidity are at their peak across the United States. Honestly, I use a highly effective product called “Certain Dry” antiperspirant. I would start there, especially if you’re a sweat-aholic like me!

In terms of fashion, if you don’t want those “pit stains” which can be rather unattractive, wear loose-fitting, light-colored clothing! Cotton is usually the best, but ironing is no fun for many, so a cotton-poly blend of some kind would be a good runner-up. I like wearing shorts, but I have several friends who do not, so a good pair of Dockers always wears well in sizzling summer heat.

If you stick to light colors, it helps to REFLECT solar energy instead of dark colors, especially black, which actually ABSORB the energy…causing you to cook. That’s no fun.

You’re in front of television cameras daily, and your fans point to your down-to-earth delivery as something they really like about you. What is a good tip for staying relaxed and natural in front of the camera or when talking in front of an audience?  

There’s little question that live TV can cause you to “tense up” a little. Frankly, I have a tougher time with live and in-person audiences because at least I can PRETEND that no one is watching and that takes some of the pressure off.

When I do public appearances, I usually like to bring a big bottle of cold water. That helps to hydrate the vocal chords, not to mention hydrating the body. I sweat so much when I get nervous, so I try to meditate and pray before the event if I have time. I noticed that helps.

Trying to keep my energy level fairly constant and trying to relax while speaking is a wonderful tip. Knowing your material certainly helps. I always try to ask the organizer about the “lay of the land” if I can, so that I can get a better idea of what to expect in the room. Also, I try to know my audience (with whom I’ll be speaking). Anything I can do to alleviate some of the pressure. In my experience, the very BEST thing to do when talking in front of an audience is try to BE MYSELF! There’s nothing more liberating than that. I strive for that everyday.

More of Mr. Colby can be found at AJ