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Review: Happy Hands UV Sun Gloves


I think I actually squealed when I came across Happy Hands UV gloves. A lifelong hand-protector who has preached far and wide on the need to keep those dainty nubbins of yours protected from the elements, I regularly shield my hands from the sun by either spraying them with a coating of 1-Million SPF (no, I don’t think that actually exists, but you get the idea) or wearing gloves.

happy-hands-uv-nail-gloves review



Little white gloves, garden gloves…anything I can get my hands on.

Being an LA-er, I spend a higher-than-average number of hours driving. Which means my hands face the direct sunlight a lot. Hands should remain as lovely as possible–for as long as possible. Baking them in the sun does not help you in that endeavor.

Back to Happy Hands.

Verdict: Excelente! Excellent!


happy hands review UV sun gloves hand protection driving

Hat? Check. Happy Hands Sun Gloves. Check. Alhambra here I come!


Why: These are lightweight gloves that are ideal for driving because the fabric is coated with a UV ray inhibitor. They also can be used to shield your hands while they are exposed to artificial UV rays while getting a manicure.

They rock. I wear them nearly all the time when driving. Among their many virtues, they are…

  • Lightweight, so your hands stay cool
  • Easy on, easy off. They slip on and off, and can be tucked away in the glove box or in a little purse, like so…


happy hands review uv sun gloves


  • They are yellow, but not glaringly so. In other words, they don’t stand out as much as wearing gloves. That’s nice. Here are Happy Hands sun gloves in action:


gloves sun driving


Where to Buy

They retail for about $6.99 and Happy Hands can be purchased online. Link:!list-of-retailers/cxz6

You can also shoot the Happy Hands people an email at to find out if they are sold at a nearby retailer, spa or nail salon in your neck of the woods.