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Your Skin — Preservation is Everything


tamara eccleston skin suntan

This is a scared-straight sample of what happens when you leave your wares out in the sun for too long, unprotected. Mottled, thickened and uneven skin tone. This is damage that no amount of self care, salon or plastic surgery office visits can completely undo.


youthful skin young


Angela Bassett and Bernadette Peters, on the other hand are shining, A+ examples of what happens when you preserve your assets.

Look at the near-pristine condition of their complexions, their unlined neck and soft décolletage. Gorgeous. And they are also both 50+ in years.

Tamara Ecclestone (top photo) has considerably fewer candles on her birthday cake, but is sporting some overly sun-seasoned skin forecasting that her skin is headed for Leathered Damageville unless she shapes up, sunwise, and stat.

I’ve said it before, save your body baring, fresh-faced grooming and dress habits looks for the sunset hours and beyond. Employ massive doses of sunblock, umbrellas and big glamorous hats during the daylight hours. Do this consistently and you will be a happy camper when you look into the mirror for years to come.

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Schedule Your Pre-Summer Skin Fix



Though it may not feel like it in much of the land, spring is a-coming and soon after that, summer. Before the blaring summer sun comes into full view, do your skin a favor and head to your nearest dermatologist or aesthetician to see what treatments are available to remove existing sun damage.

Aesthetician Danielle Paulson recommends that you engage in deep exfoliating treatments such as microdermabrasion, wrinkle or spot laser treatments, deep peels and so forth during the months you face the least exposure to avoid further skin stress and damage.

So, if you never got around to removing the evidence of the days you spent frolicking in last summer’s sun, you still have some time to do so before it returns. Schedule any such treatments in the next few weeks if you can.

*You may also want to get a jump start on any hair removal treatments, such as laser, waxing or electrolysis. Once the weather warms up, the practitioners’ appointment books can become quickly booked. Plus, like treatments aimed at reducing the ill effects of the sun, hair removal treatments are best performed on skin that has not faced recent and extensive exposure.

*And it still goes without saying that, no matter the season, you are covering your face, neck, chest and hands with sunscreen each and every day. The sun can feel glorious but is the arch-enemy of a canvas of skin that is beautiful, firm and unspeckled.

101 Ways To Wear A Scarf: Beach Glamour

Protect your fair self from sun damage to this most vulnerable area–which includes the neck, check and decolletage–with a scarf worn like this glamorous gal Gwen Stefani with the always gorgeous and unblemished porcelain skin.

  • Fold First. If the scarf is square: fold it in half so it’s triangle-shaped, and tie it behind your neck, arranging the bulk of the scarf so that it falls neatly over your neck and chest.
  • Loop and Cover. If the scarf is long and narrow: hold one end at the back of your neck, then loop the remainder of the scarf around your chest and neck in a spiral, making sure the fabric covers your skin evenly. Tie that end of the scarf to the end you are holding in your hand at the back of your neck.
  • Fabric Selection. Select a scarf made from solid material that will block the sun. Note Gwen’s black, cotton choice. If you use a light, gauzy scarf that the sun can penetrate through easily, do also apply some level of sun protection to the skin beneath.