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No Cheap Bras for You!

Being nice to your bosom means that you are unbending when it comes to the quality, beauty and, most of all, the fit of your brassieres.

Here’s how you can do this…

  • If you haven’t done so recently, get fitted by a professional. Preferably, at the lingerie department of a fine department store. However, you can even schedule a free bra fitting by phone.

Look for someone who really knows what they are doing, and will do more than just jut a measuring tape around your chest and announce your size. An undergarment professional should be able to assess your breasts, and give pointers on the types of bras that will suit your situation best.


tisha bra le mystere review

This is the Tisha bra by Le Mystere, and it rocks. And lasts forever. About $62.

  • Try on high-quality or luxury brands that you might normally bypass because of cost.

Here’s where: For the cost of two mall-issue bras I discovered I could purchase a Le Mystère bra that, due to its materials, construction and stitching, far surpassed my mall-issue bra in fit and feeling. With proper care, a fantastic bra, the cost is typically around $65 to maybe more, will last years of frequent use. Compare this to the average shelf life of 8 months for a mall-issue bra to start looking haggard.

The difference between the two types of bras is really noticeable–from the way the better bra looks to how it feels and, very important, how I feel while putting it on and sporting it. Bras are an area where you just can’t skimp. This does not mean you should break the bank on your next one–you might want to think about it, budget-wise, like this: Instead of buying two hum-ho bras; next time, save your money and buy one fantastic and long-lasting one instead.  It’s really the practical thing to do.

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