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To Seize the Moment — or Not

I have been working on a new book. The writing gods have not been as generous this time around as when I wrote “Practical Glamour.” So when the words start a-flowing, I type and type and don’t stop until the spout is turned off. I seize the moment.


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In other words, inspiration comes and goes; it ebbs and flows. So when she or he comes around, it’s important to grab it and run with it – whatever the form! If you hear it knocking, and you know it to be good, stride over to the door and open it with a “Hello!”

Listen to “it” and follow — and see what happens. Maybe you’ll make that phone call you’ve been thinking about making forever.

Seizing the moment comes with the task of discernment. In other words, don’t let an opportunity pass you by, but it’s wise to think before acting.

For instance, if you have doubt as to the goodness (or not) of that knock, call or that instinct, it is advisable to pause before you leap. Pause and become the super-sharp, conscious judge of that instinct.

We all have the inherent judgement of that which is in our rational self-interest – and what is not. There are things that cloud it, whether these things come from our personal psychology, or grasping onto emotions that don’t serve us.

The cliche about searching for the answer within yourself is well-worn but accurate. Perhaps you have to dig a bit harder than most, through your own layers. But it is there, and you will find it.

When you do, it is vital to determine that the answer is a pure one, not clouded by edicts of others. Their desires may or may not be consistent with you having a good and decent life.