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Standing Out, Softly — Q&A With Terrence Davidson, The Wig Master


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Terrence Davidson, Stylist and Wig Master


Terrence Davidson, aka The Wig Master, is a famed wig and celebrity hairstylist whose client roster includes glamour girls such as Jennifer Hudson, Tyra Banks, Nicki Minaj, Mary J Blige and Iman.

What strikes me as very Practical Glamour about his work is how he creates these edgy and eye-popping looks fit for the stage, then goes ahead and creates very feminine, sensual looks that any woman would feel comfortable sporting in everyday life.

I had the opportunity to ask Terrence for tips on keeping that weave real and selecting your best hair shade:

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Q. What is the biggest mistake a gal can make when it comes to maintaining her weave?

Terrence Davidson: The biggest mistake a girl can make when maintaining her weave would be to put too much product in the weave as far as oil or hair sprays!

It makes the hair very very heavy and oily which will cause curls to not hold and look greasy.

Q. Your new hair extension line is called Just My Color.

Speaking of the importance of color, what tip do you have for a lady when it comes to selecting the best shade for her unique eye and skin color?

Terrence Davidson: My idea on a lady chosing the right color for her skin and eyes would be to first make sure the color they chose will always soften them up and still bring out the natural undertone in the skin.

Most people have a yellow and or red undertone to their complexion, so I identity either (black, browns and reds or blondes, auburns and strawberry reds). Most people with a yellow undertone look best with black and or deep brown colors, and people with red undertones look best with blondes and reds.


Terrence Davidson, The Wig Master

 Terrence Davidson, The Wig Master, Specializes in Melding Edge with Ease. Very Practical Glamour!

Q. Stylistically, I think it can be hard to meld natural allure and edge, but you do an excellent job of it. Your beauty gallery is filled with images of hair styles that are dramatic yet Earth-bound and feminine at the same time. What inspires your vision when it comes to styling a woman?

Terrence Davidson: Usually what inspires my vision when working with a woman would be to look at their skin tone and also their day-to-day life because that too will help me decide on the hair creation and color fit for their lifestyle! But I do try to make my clients stand out but still maintain a soft femininity in the hair.

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