Your Creamy And Fragrant Hand Doth Please, Milady

A way to keep a bit of you positively lingering long after you’ve passed through the room in your rustling silk skirts or tails is this: Rub a perfumed or cologned lotion onto the backs of your hands, wrists and arms before leaving for your next gathering or soiree.

The fragrance will waft about you subtly with your normal movements, such as shaking hands, lifting your glass or waving. And here’s the really practical part: Those unopened bottles of scented lotion and cream that come with your perfume or cologne, usually around Christmas time, and are huddled in your cabinet –the ones that you do not typically use on your body and never on your face? Now they have a purpose in life.

Make sure the scent matches, or is an agreeable mix with, your perfume or cologne, and that it gives you the vibe and mood you desire since you’ll be the primary recipient of it all night. And keep the lotion off your palms to avoid directly transferring the scent to the nice guy who will then walk around for the rest of the night wondering why the hell he smells like Honeysuckle Rose Nights. Or doom the nice gal you’ve just met to an evening, aromatically at least, of Blue Seduction by Antonio Banderas.

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